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Spatial Analysis and Data Mining for Field Ecologists

Set of tools for reading, writing and transforming spatial and seasonal data in ecology, model selection and specific statistical tests. It includes functions to discretize polylines into regular point intervals, link observations to those points, compute geographical coordinates at regular intervals between waypoints, read subsets of big rasters, compute zonal statistics or table of categories within polygons or circular buffers from raster. The package also provides miscellaneous functions for model selection, spatial statistics, geometries, writing data.frame with Chinese characters, and some other functions for field ecologists.

Functions in pgirmess

Name Description
Segments Draw line segments between pairs of points.
dirSeg Computes segment directions.
difshannonbio Empirical confidence interval of the bootstrap of the difference between two Shannon indices
dirProj Computes new coordinates given bearings and distances.
piankabio Computes the Pianka's index of niche overlap
distNNeigh Computes distances to the nearest neighbour
distSeg Computes distances between the top coordinates of segments.
pave Provide square polygons or their node coordinates along a segment print method for objects of class 'mc'
piankabioboot Bootstrap Pianka's index
gps2gpx Download waypoints or tracks from a GPS to a gpx file
readGDALbbox Read a raster using rgdal within a user specified bounding box
postxt Computes coordinates defined from their relative position on x and y in the plotting region
kruskalmc Multiple comparison test after Kruskal-Wallis
polycirc Computes the polygon coordinates of a circle
date2winter Convert a POSIXt date into categories corresponding to a autumn/winter/spring sequence
diag2edge Computes the edge of a square from its diagonal
pclig Compute the percentage of each cell of a matrix or data.frame by row
permcont Random permutation of a contingency table n row x 2 columns
shannonbioboot Boostrap Shannon's and equitability indices
siegelp179 Data on rats training
rwhatbufCat2 Extract the contents of a raster file of categorical values within various buffer sizes centred on spatial points
rwhatbufCat Extract the contents of a SpatialPixelsDataFrame or a SpatialGridDataFrame of categorical values within various buffer sizes centred on spatial points
distTot Computes the total length of a polyline.
writecn.delim Write a data.frame that has Chinese characters
tabcont2categ Convert a contingency table (data.frame) into a presence/absence table of categories
expandpoly Homothetia (size expansion) of a polygon
writePRJ Write the projection file of a shapefile from a spatial object
polycirc2 Computes the polygon coordinates of a circle sector
thintrack Thin a track just keeping the points separated by a user defined minimal distance
rwhatbufNum Extract the contents of a SpatialPixelsDataFrame or a SpatialGridDataFrame of numerical values within various buffer sizes centred on spatial points
ks.gof Kolmogorof-Smirnov goodness of fit test to normal distribution
preybiom Jackal and Genet diet in Algeria
selMod Model selection according to information theoretic methods
valchisq Values of the partial chi-square in each cell of a contingency table
val4symb Center a numerical vector on a parameter position and provides absolute values and colors according to negative and positive values
shannon Computes Shannon's and equitability indices
shannonbio Computes Shannon's and equitability indices from a data frame of dietary analysis (n, biomass,...)
mergeTrackObs Merge two SpatialPoints or SpatialPointsDataFrame objects, one modelling a track, the other observations
readVista Download waypoints and tracks from a GPS
rmls Select objects in the parent frame and remove them.
transLines2pix Convert a SpatialLines or a SpatialLinesDataFrame object into SpatialPointsDataFrame with spatial points at regular distance along the lines
trans2pix Convert a transect coordinate file with some waypoints separated by NA into a matrix with intermediate coordinates replacing NA.
write.delim Write a data.frame
writeGPX Convert a data frame into a GPX file of waypoints or track
uploadGPS Upload waypoints to Garmin GPS
trans2seg Convert a transect coordinate file into a matrix with segment coordinates.
QGIS2sp Changes a copied-to-clipboard QGIS attribute table into a sp Spatial object or a data.frame
TukeyHSDs Simplify the list of a TukeyHSD object keeping the significant differences only.
findR Computes the distance between the centroid and the most distant coordinate of a geographical coordinate set
classnum Gives an index vector of the class category of each value of a numerical vector
friedmanmc Multiple comparisons after Friedman test
pairsrp Produces a matrix of scatterplot, regression coefficient and p(Ho)
distNode Computes the distances between each nodes of a polyline.
cormat Gives a correlation matrix and the probability of Ho for each correlation
CI Confidence interval of percentages
PermTest Permutation test for lm, lme and glm (binomial and Poisson) objects
correlog Computes Moran's or Geary's coefficients on distance classes
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Date 2018-03-11
License GPL (>= 2)
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-03-12 02:59:59 UTC; pgiraudo2
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Date/Publication 2018-03-12 14:56:20 UTC

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