pillar: Coloured Formatting for Columns

Provides a 'pillar' generic designed for formatting columns of data using the full range of colours provided by modern terminals.

Package options

  • pillar.bold: Use bold font, e.g. for column headers? This currently defaults to FALSE, because many terminal fonts have poor support for bold fonts.

  • pillar.subtle: Use subtle style, e.g. for row numbers and data types? Default: TRUE.

  • pillar.subtle_num: Use subtle style for insignificant digits? Default: FALSE, is also affected by the pillar.subtle option.

  • pillar.neg: Highlight negative numbers? Default: TRUE.

  • pillar.sigfig: The number of significant digits that will be printed and highlighted, default: 3. Set the pillar.subtle option to FALSE to turn off highlighting of significant digits.

  • pillar.min_title_chars: The minimum number of characters for the column title, default: 15. Column titles may be truncated up to that width to save horizontal space. Set to Inf to turn off truncation of column titles.

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  • pillar-package
Documentation reproduced from package pillar, version 1.3.1, License: GPL-3

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