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Linear Models for Panel Data

A set of estimators and tests for panel data econometrics, as described in Baltagi (2013) Econometric Analysis of Panel Data, ISBN-13:978-1-118-67232-7, Hsiao (2014) Analysis of Panel Data <doi:10.1017/CBO9781139839327> and Croissant and Millo (2018), Panel Data Econometrics with R, ISBN:978-1-118-94918-4.

Functions in plm

Name Description
cortab Cross--sectional correlation matrix
Wages Panel Data of Individual Wages
SumHes The Penn World Table, v. 5
Males Wages and Education of Young Males
fixef.plm Extract the Fixed Effects
ercomp Estimation of the error components
cipstest Cross-sectionally Augmented IPS Test for Unit Roots in Panel Models
make.pbalanced Make data balanced
aneweytest Chamberlain estimator and test for fixed effects
make.pconsecutive Make data consecutive (and, optionally, also balanced)
index.plm Extract the indexes of panel data
has.intercept Check for the presence of an intercept in a formula or in a fitted model
pcce Common Correlated Effects estimators
detect.lindep Functions to detect linear dependence
lag.plm lag, lead, and diff for panel data
is.pseries Check if an object is a pseries
model.frame.pdata.frame model.frame and model.matrix for panel data
pdata.frame data.frame for panel data
plm-deprecated Deprecated functions of plm
pcdtest Tests of cross-section dependence for panel models
plm-package plm package: linear models for panel data
Snmesp Employment and Wages in Spain
RiceFarms Production of Rice in Indonesia
is.pbalanced Check if data are balanced
pbsytest Bera, Sosa-Escudero and Yoon Locally--Robust Lagrange Multiplier Tests for Panel Models and Joint Test by Baltagi and Li
pbnftest Modified BNF--Durbin--Watson Test and Baltagi--Wu's LBI Test for Panel Models
pdwtest Durbin--Watson Test for Panel Models
pdim Check for the Dimensions of the Panel
mtest Arellano--Bond test of Serial Correlation
pFtest F Test for Individual and/or Time Effects
pgrangertest Panel Granger (Non-)Causality Test (Dumitrescu/Hurlin (2012))
pgmm Generalized Method of Moments (GMM) Estimation for Panel Data
nobs.plm Extract Total Number of Observations Used in Estimated Panelmodel
punbalancedness Measures for Unbalancedness of Panel Data
piest Chamberlain estimator and test for fixed effects
pldv Panel estimators for limited dependent variables
purtest Unit root tests for panel data
pbgtest Breusch--Godfrey Test for Panel Models
r.squared R squared and adjusted R squared for panel models
pooltest Test of Poolability
pggls General FGLS Estimators
is.pconsecutive Check if time periods are consecutive
pmg Mean Groups (MG), Demeaned MG and CCE MG estimators
pht Hausman--Taylor Estimator for Panel Data
phtest Hausman Test for Panel Models
pbltest Baltagi and Li Serial Dependence Test For Random Effects Models
plm Panel Data Estimators
summary.plm Summary for plm objects
pseries panel series
plmtest Lagrange FF Multiplier Tests for Panel Models
pwtest Wooldridge's Test for Unobserved Effects in Panel Models
pwfdtest Wooldridge first--difference--based test for AR(1) errors in levels or first--differenced panel models
vcovSCC DRIS:KRAA:98;textualplm Robust Covariance Matrix Estimator
within_intercept Overall Intercept for Within Models Along its Standard Error
vcovBK Beck and Katz Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators
pmodel.response A function to extract the model.response
pvcm Variable Coefficients Models for Panel Data
pvar Check for Cross-Sectional and Time Variation
ranef.plm Extract the Random Effects
pwaldtest Wald-style Chi-square Test and F Test
pwartest Wooldridge Test for AR(1) Errors in FE Panel Models
re-export_functions Functions exported from other packages
vcovNW NEWE:WEST:87;textualplm Robust Covariance Matrix Estimator
vcovHC.plm Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators
sargan Hansen--Sargan Test of Overidentifying Restrictions
vcovDC Double-Clustering Robust Covariance Matrix Estimator
vcovG Generic Lego building block for Robust Covariance Matrix Estimators
Cigar Cigarette Consumption
Parity Purchasing Power Parity and other parity relationships
LaborSupply Wages and Hours Worked
EmplUK Employment and Wages in the United Kingdom
Produc US States Production
Grunfeld Grunfeld's Investment Data
Gasoline Gasoline Consumption
Crime Crime in North Carolina
Hedonic Hedonic Prices of Census Tracts in the Boston Area
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