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Plotting Multi-Dimensional Data

Functions for viewing 2-D and 3-D data, including perspective plots, slice plots, surface plots, scatter plots, etc. Includes data sets from oceanography.

Functions in plot3D

Name Description
2D image and contour plots Extended image and contour plots for 2-D (and 3-D) data.
2-D data set The earths hypsometry (land elevation) and the ocean's bathymetry
3-D data set Yearly averaged oxygen saturation from the NODC World Ocean Atlas 2005.
3-D arrows, segments, polygons, boxes, rectangles Plots arrows, segments, points, lines, polygons, rectangles and boxes in a 3D perspective plot or in 2D.
Color key legend Plots a color legend
Colors Colors, shading, lighting.
3-D contours Contours in 3-D plots.
images in 3D frame Images in 3-D plots.
Mesh generation Rectangular grids.
3-D perspectives Perspective plots, 3-D ribbons and 3-D histograms.
Composite plots Handling and plotting plotting lists.
trans3D Transformation of 3D elements
3-D volume visualisation Functions for plotting 3-D volumetric data.
3-D surfaces Functions for plotting 3 dimensional shapes
Scatter plots Colored scatter plots and text in 2-D and 3-D
plot3D-package Plotting multi-dimensional data.
Perspective box Creates an empty perspective box, ready for adding objects
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