plotflow v0.2.1

Tools to Speed Up Workflow Associated with Plotting

Plotting functions not found in other plotting packages.



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A group of tools to speed up work flow associated with plotting tasks.


Currently there isn't a release on CRAN.

You can, however, download the zip ball or tar ball, decompress and run R CMD INSTALL on it, or use the devtools package to install the development version:

# install.packages("devtools")


Installing Ghostscript

ghostscript must be installed when using merge_pdf.


Help Manual

Functions in plotflow

Name Description
gghelp Open Help Pages for ggplot2
ggcolors ggplot2's Default Color Scheme
label_breaks Break Axis Labels
ggfaxt Add Text to a Faceted ggplot2 Plot
ggdual_axis Dual Y-axis for ggplot2
ggplot_global_set_color Globally Set ggplot2 Colors/Fills
fill_by_column Fill facet_wrap By Column
axis0 Adjust Space Between Axis in ggplot2
cushion Determine Max Value + n Extra
ggalign Align ggplot2 Graph Edges
print.ggalign Prints a ggalign Object
print.ggdual_axis Prints a ggdual_axis Object
plot.ggdual_axis Plots a ggdual_axis Object
label_rename_margin Rename the Margins of ggplot2 facet_grid
plot.unbalanced_facet_axis Plots an unbalanced_facet_axis object.
merge_pdf Merge Different Sized Plots
theme_map ggplot2 Theme for Mapping.
theme_basic ggplot2 Theme with No Background or Gridlines.
theme_black ggplot2 Theme with No Background or Gridlines.
unbalanced_facet_axis Add Tick Marks to an Unbalanced facet_wrap
plot2drop Plot to Drop Box
reorder_by Order a Factor by Numeric Variable(s)
plotflow plotflow: Tools to speed up workflow associated with plotting
yes_no_bar Two Choice Horizontal Stacked Bar
theme_apa ggplot2 Theme for APA Publications
print.unbalanced_facet_axis Prints an unbalanced_facet_axis object.
qgrid Quickly Set ggplot2 panel.grid
qcolor Plot Base R colors()
qsymbol Plot ggplot2/base R Symbols
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