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by Carson Sievert

Create Interactive Web Graphics via Plotly's JavaScript Graphing Library

Easily translate ggplot2 graphs to an interactive web-based version and/or create custom web-based visualizations directly from R. Once uploaded to a plotly account, plotly graphs (and the data behind them) can be viewed and modified in a web browser.

Functions in plotly

Name Description
get_plot Obtain underlying data of plotly object
ggplotly Create plotly graphs using ggplot2 syntax
plotly Main interface to plotly
config Set the default configuration for plotly
layout Add and/or modify layout of a plotly
gg2list Convert a ggplot to a list.
add_trace Add a trace to a plotly visualization
plotly_IMAGE Create/Modify plotly images
toWidget Convert a plotly object to an htmlwidget object
embed_notebook Embed a plotly figure as an iframe into a IPython Notebook
plotly_empty Create a complete empty plotly graph.
mic Mic data
style Modify trace(s)
group2NA Drawing ggplot2 geoms with a group aesthetic is most efficient in plotly when we convert groups of things that look the same to vectors with NA.
print.plotly Print a plotly object
get_figure Request a figure object
knit_print.figure Embed a plotly figure as an iframe in a knitr doc
paramORdefault Convert ggplot params to plotly.
toFill Use default ggplot colour for fill (gray20) if not declared
plot_ly Initiate a plotly visualization
%>% Pipe operator
hobbs Hobbs data
plotly-shiny Shiny bindings for plotly
offline Plotly Offline
plotly_build Build a plotly object before viewing it
last_plot Retrive and create the last plotly (or ggplot).
wind Wind data
knit_print.plotly Print a plotly object in a knitr doc
toRGB Convert R colours to RGBA hexadecimal colour values
layer2traces Convert a layer to a list of traces. Called from gg2list()
plotly_POST Create/Modify plotly graphs
ggplot_build2 ggplot build function with enhanced return
signup Create a new plotly account.
subplot View multiple plots in a single view
print.figure Print a plotly figure object
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