plyr (version 1.8.4)

arrange: Order a data frame by its colums.


This function completes the subsetting, transforming and ordering triad with a function that works in a similar way to subset and transform but for reordering a data frame by its columns. This saves a lot of typing!


arrange(df, ...)



data frame to reorder


expressions evaluated in the context of df and then fed to order

See Also

order for sorting function in the base package


Run this code
# sort mtcars data by cylinder and displacement
mtcars[with(mtcars, order(cyl, disp)), ]
# Same result using arrange: no need to use with(), as the context is implicit
# NOTE: plyr functions do NOT preserve row.names
arrange(mtcars, cyl, disp)
# Let's keep the row.names in this example
myCars = cbind(vehicle=row.names(mtcars), mtcars)
arrange(myCars, cyl, disp)
# Sort with displacement in descending order
arrange(myCars, cyl, desc(disp))
# }

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