plyr (version 1.8.9)

rbind.fill: Combine data.frames by row, filling in missing columns.


rbinds a list of data frames filling missing columns with NA.




a single data frame



input data frames to row bind together. The first argument can be a list of data frames, in which case all other arguments are ignored. Any NULL inputs are silently dropped. If all inputs are NULL, the output is NULL.


This is an enhancement to rbind that adds in columns that are not present in all inputs, accepts a list of data frames, and operates substantially faster.

Column names and types in the output will appear in the order in which they were encountered.

Unordered factor columns will have their levels unified and character data bound with factors will be converted to character. POSIXct data will be converted to be in the same time zone. Array and matrix columns must have identical dimensions after the row count. Aside from these there are no general checks that each column is of consistent data type.

See Also

Other binding functions: rbind.fill.matrix()


Run this code
rbind.fill(mtcars[c("mpg", "wt")], mtcars[c("wt", "cyl")])

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