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Elementary Probability on Finite Sample Spaces

A framework for performing elementary probability calculations on finite sample spaces, which may be represented by data frames or lists. Functionality includes setting up sample spaces, counting tools, defining probability spaces, performing set algebra, calculating probability and conditional probability, tools for simulation and checking the law of large numbers, adding random variables, and finding marginal distributions. Characteristic functions for all base R distributions are included.

Functions in prob

Name Description
union Union of Subsets
urnsamples Sampling from Urns
is.probspace Testing for a Probability Space
prob-package Elementary Probability on Finite Sample Spaces
permsn Generate All Permutations of x Elements Taken m at a Time
intersect Intersection of Subsets
subset Subsets of Probability Spaces
isrep Is Repeated in a Vector
isin Test Whether One Vector Is In Another Vector
tosscoin Tossing a Coin
prob Probability and Conditional Probability
probspace Probability Spaces
addrv Adding Random Variables to a Probability Space
rolldie Rolling a Die
marginal Marginal Distributions
roulette Roulette
nsamp Number of Samples from an Urn
setdiff Set Difference of Subsets
sim Simulate Draws from a Sample Space
euchredeck A Deck of Playing Cards for Euchre
countrep Count Repetitions
empirical Empirical Summary of a Simulation
CharFunc Characteristic functions
genIndepTable Generate Independent Two-way Table
genXdata Generate continuous model matrix data
genLogRegData Generate data for logistic regression
gen2wayTable Generate Two-way Tables
iidspace Independent Identical Experiments
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Date 2018-08-27
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Date/Publication 2018-08-27 19:20:03 UTC
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