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Product Plots for R

Framework for visualising tables of counts, proportions and probabilities. The framework is called product plots, alluding to the computation of area as a product of height and width, and the statistical concept of generating a joint distribution from the product of conditional and marginal distributions. The framework, with extensions, is sufficient to encompass over 20 visualisations previously described in fields of statistical graphics and 'infovis', including bar charts, mosaic plots, 'treemaps', equal area plots and fluctuation diagrams.



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You can install productplots from github with:

# install.packages("devtools")

Functions in productplots

Name Description
colour_level For ggplot2: colour by weight.
find_row_level Find the first level which has rows.
hbar Horizontal bar partition: width constant, height varies.
col_labels Calculate column labels.
happy Data related to happiness from the general social survey.
ddecker Template for a double decker plot. A double decker plot is composed of a sequence of spines in the same direction, with the final spine in the opposite direction.
fluct Fluctation partitioning.
flucts Template for a fluctuation diagram.
colour_weight For ggplot2: colour by weight.
find_col_level Find the first level which has columns.
nested Template for a nested barchart. A nested bar is just a sequence of bars in the same direction.
scale_y_product Generate a y-scale for ggplot2 graphics.
parse_product_formula Parse product formula into component pieces
spine Spine partition: divide longest dimesion.
hspine Horizontal spine partition: height constant, width varies.
mosaic Template for a mosaic plot. A mosaic plot is composed of spines in alternating directions.
scale_x_product Generate an x-scale for ggplot2 graphics.
row_labels Calculate row labels.
prodcalc Calculate frequencies.
prodplot Create a product plot
vbar Vertical bar partition: height constant, width varies.
vspine Vertical spine partition: width constant, height varies.
stacked Template for a stacked bar chart. A stacked bar chart starts with a bar and then continues with spines in the opposite direction.
tile Tree map partitioning.
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