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Compare Provenance Collections to Explain Changed Script Outputs

Inspects provenance collected by the 'rdt' or 'rdtLite' packages, or other tools providing compatible PROV JSON output created by the execution of a script, and find differences between two provenance collections. Factors under examination included the hardware and software used to execute the script, versions of attached libraries, use of global variables, modified inputs and outputs, and changes in main and sourced scripts. Based on detected changes, 'provExplainR' can be used to study how these factors affect the behavior of the script and generate a promising diagnosis of the causes of different script results. More information about 'rdtLite' and associated tools is available at <> and Barbara Lerner, Emery Boose, and Luis Perez (2018), Using Introspection to Collect Provenance in R, Informatics, <doi:10.3390/informatics5010012>.

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prov.explain Provenance comparison functions
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Date 2020-10-09
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