testthat reporter that checks if child processes are cleaned up in tests

CleanupReporter takes an existing testthat Reporter object, and wraps it, so it checks for leftover child processes, at the specified place, see the proc_unit argument below.

CleanupReporter(reporter = testthat::ProgressReporter)

A testthat reporter to wrap into a new CleanupReporter class.


Child processes can be reported via a failed expectation, cleaned up silently, or cleaned up and reported (the default).

The constructor of the CleanupReporter class has options:

  • file: the output file, if any, this is passed to reporter.

  • proc_unit: when to perform the child process check and cleanup. Possible values:

    • "test": at the end of each testthat::test_that() block (the default),

    • "testsuite": at the end of the test suite.

  • proc_cleanup: Logical scalar, whether to kill the leftover processes, TRUE by default.

  • proc_fail: Whether to create an expectation, that fails if there are any processes alive, TRUE by default.

  • proc_timeout: How long to wait for the processes to quit. This is sometimes needed, because even if some kill signals were sent to child processes, it might take a short time for these to take effect. It defaults to one second.

  • rconn_unit: When to perform the R connection cleanup. Possible values are "test" and "testsuite", like for proc_unit.

  • rconn_cleanup: Logical scalar, whether to clean up leftover R connections. TRUE by default.

  • rconn_fail: Whether to fail for leftover R connections. TRUE by default.

  • file_unit: When to check for open files. Possible values are "test" and "testsuite", like for proc_unit.

  • file_fail: Whether to fail for leftover open files. TRUE by default.

  • conn_unit: When to check for open network connections. Possible values are "test" and "testsuite", like for proc_unit.

  • conn_fail: Whether to fail for leftover network connections. TRUE by default.


New reporter class that behaves exactly like reporter, but it checks for, and optionally cleans up child processes, at the specified granularity.


Some IDEs, like RStudio, start child processes frequently, and sometimes crash when these are killed, only use this reporter in a terminal session. In particular, you can always use it in the idiomatic testthat.R file, that calls test_check() during R CMD check.


This is how to use this reporter in testthat.R:


if (ps::ps_is_supported()) { reporter <- ps::CleanupReporter(testthat::ProgressReporter)$new( proc_unit = "test", proc_cleanup = TRUE) } else { ## ps does not support this platform reporter <- "progress" }

test_check("mypackage", reporter = reporter)

  • CleanupReporter
Documentation reproduced from package ps, version 1.3.2, License: BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

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