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by William Revelle

Procedures for Personality and Psychological Research

A number of routines for personality, psychometrics and experimental psychology. Functions are primarily for scale construction, cluster analysis and reliability analysis, although others provide basic descriptive statistics. For more information, see the

Functions in psych

Name Description
headtail Combine calls to head and tail
Yule From a two by two table, find the Yule coefficient, convert to phi, or polychoric, recreate table the table to create the Yule coefficient.
omega.graph Graph hierarchical factor structures
phi.demo Create demo data for psychometrics
psych A package for personality, psychometric, and psychological research
ICLUST.sort Sort items by absolute size of cluster loadings
ICLUST.cluster Function to form hierarchical cluster analysis of items
score.items Score item composite scales and find Cronbach's alpha as well as associated statistics
galton Galton's Mid parent child height data
VSS.scree Plot a scree test
VSS Apply the Very Simple Structure criterion to determine the appropriate number of factors.
ellipses Plot data and 1 and 2 sigma correlation ellipses
circ.simulation Simulations of circumplex and simple structure Plot means and confidence intervals for multiple groups
circ.tests Apply four tests of circumplex versus simple structure
paired.r Test the difference between (un)paired correlations
mat.regress Multiple Regression from matrix input
ICLUST.graph create control code for ICLUST graphical output
bfi 25 Personality items representing 5 factors
eigen.loadings Convert eigen vectors and eigen values to the more normal (for psychologists) component loadings How well does the factor model fit a correlation matrix. Part of the VSS package
correct.cor Find dis-attenuated correlations and give alpha reliabilities
ICLUST.rgraph Draw an ICLUST graph using the Rgraphviz package
cluster.plot Plot factor/cluster loadings and assign items to clusters by their highest loading
error.crosses Plot x and y error bars
omega Calculate the omega estimate of factor saturation
VSS.plot Plot VSS fits
VSS.simulate create VSS like data
ICLUST ICLUST: Item Cluster Analysis -- Hierarchical cluster analysis using psychometric principles
skew Calculate skew for a vector, matrix, or data.frame
read.clipboard shortcut for reading from the clipboard
VSS.parallel Compare real and random VSS solutions
fa.graph Graph factor loading matrices
fa.parallel Scree plots of data or correlation matrix compared to random ``parallel" matrices
irt.1p Item Response Theory estimate of theta (ability) using a Rasch (like) model
phi Find the phi coefficient of correlation between two dichotomous variables
factor.congruence Coefficient of factor congruence
score.alpha Score scales and find Cronbach's alpha as well as associated statistics
schmid Apply the Schmid Leiman transformation to a correlation matrix
cubits Galton's example of the relationship between height and 'cubit' or forearm length
harmonic.mean Find the harmonic mean of a vector, matrix, or columns of a data.frame
cluster.loadings Find item by cluster correlations, corrected for overlap and reliability
alpha.scale Cronbach alpha for a scale
count.pairwise Count number of pairwise cases for a data set with missing (NA) data.
item.sim Generate simulated data structures for circumplex or simple structure
heights A data.frame of the Galton (1888) height and cubit data set.
error.bars Plot means and confidence intervals
factor.rotate ``Hand" rotate a factor loading matrix
fisherz Fisher r to z and z to r and confidence intervals
interp.median Find the interpolated sample median, quartiles, or specific quantiles for a vector, matrix, or data frame
factor2cluster Extract cluster definitions from factor loadings
factor.model Find R = F F' + U2 is the basic factor model
describe Basic descriptive statistics useful for psychometrics Principal Axis Factor Analysis
geometric.mean Find the geometric mean of a vector or columns of a data.frame.
cluster.cor Find correlations of composite variables from a larger matrix
polar Convert Cartesian factor loadings into polar coordinates
factor.residuals R* = R- F F'
polychor.matrix Phi or Yule coefficient matrix to polychoric coefficient matrix
sat.act 3 Measures of ability: SATV, SATQ, ACT
peas Galton`s Peas
phi2poly Convert a phi coefficient to a polychoric correlation
multi.hist Multiple histograms with density and normal fits on one page
irt.item.diff.rasch Simple function to estimate item difficulties using IRT concepts
p.rep Find the probability of replication for an F, t, or r and estimate effect size
make.hierarchical Create a population or sample correlation matrix with hierachical structure.
r.test Tests of significance for correlations
poly.mat Find polychoric correlations of item data
matrix.addition A function to add two vectors or matrices
score.multiple.choice Score multiple choice items and provide basic test statistics
winsor Find the Winsorized mean for a vector, matrix, or data.frame
table2matrix Convert a table with counts to a matrix or data.frame representing those counts.
iqitems 14 multiple choice IQ items
principal Principal components analysis
test.psych Testing of functions in the psych package
kurtosi Kurtosis of a vector, matrix, or data frame cluster Fit: fit of the cluster model to a correlation matrix
congeneric.sim Simulate a congeneric data set Basic summary statistics by group
pairs.panels SPLOM, histograms and correlations for a data matrix
rescale Function to convert scores to ``conventional " metrics
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