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by William Revelle

Procedures for Psychological, Psychometric, and Personality Research

A number of routines for personality, psychometrics and experimental psychology. Functions are primarily for scale construction using factor analysis, cluster analysis and reliability analysis, although others provide basic descriptive statistics. Item Response Theory is done using factor analysis of tetrachoric and polychoric correlations. Functions for simulating particular item and test structures are included. Several functions serve as a useful front end for structural equation modeling. Graphical displays of path diagrams, factor analysis and structural equation models are created using basic graphics. Some of the functions are written to support a book on psychometrics as well as publications in personality research. For more information, see the webpage.

Functions in psych

Name Description
Schmid 12 variables created by Schmid and Leiman to show the Schmid-Leiman Transformation
ICLUST.rgraph Draw an ICLUST graph using the Rgraphviz package
bfi 25 Personality items representing 5 factors
bi.bars Draw pairs of bargraphs based on two groups
cosinor Functions for analysis of circadian or diurnal data
diagram Helper functions for drawing path model diagrams
ICLUST.cluster Function to form hierarchical cluster analysis of items
cor.smooth Smooth a non-positive definite correlation matrix to make it positive definite
ICLUST.sort Sort items by absolute size of cluster loadings
factor2cluster Extract cluster definitions from factor loadings
Promax Perform bifactor, promax or targeted rotations and return the inter factor angles.
VSS Apply the Very Simple Structure and MAP criteria to determine the appropriate number of factors.
comorbidity Convert base rates of two diagnoses and their comorbidity into phi, Yule, and tetrachorics
biplot.psych Draw biplots of factor or component scores by factor or component loadings
cta Simulate the C(ues) T(endency) A(ction) model of motivation
00.psych A package for personality, psychometric, and psychological research
cluster.cor Find correlations of composite variables from a larger matrix
Harman.8 Correlations of eight physical variables (from Harman, 1966)
bock Bock and Liberman (1970) data set of 1000 observations of the LSAT
cluster.plot Plot factor/cluster loadings and assign items to clusters by their highest loading.
eigen.loadings Convert eigen vectors and eigen values to the more normal (for psychologists) component loadings
Harman Two data sets from Harman (1967). 9 cognitive variables from Holzinger and 8 emotional variables from Burt
Tucker 9 Cognitive variables discussed by Tucker and Lewis (1973)
Gorsuch Example data set from Gorsuch (1997) for an example factor extension.
predict.psych Prediction function for factor analysis or principal components
circ.tests Apply four tests of circumplex versus simple structure How well does the factor model fit a correlation matrix. Part of the VSS package
factor.scores Various ways to estimate factor scores for the factor analysis model
error.crosses Plot x and y error bars
count.pairwise Count number of pairwise cases for a data set with missing (NA) data.
ellipses Plot data and 1 and 2 sigma correlation ellipses
SD Find the Standard deviation for a vector, matrix, or data.frame - do not return error if there are no cases
describeBy Basic summary statistics by group
draw.tetra Draw a correlation ellipse and two normal curves to demonstrate tetrachoric correlation
polar Convert Cartesian factor loadings into polar coordinates
iclust.diagram Draw an ICLUST hierarchical cluster structure diagram
cortest.bartlett Bartlett's test that a correlation matrix is an identity matrix
burt 11 emotional variables from Burt (1915)
galton Galton's Mid parent child height data
blot Bond's Logical Operations Test -- BLOT
irt.fa Item Response Analysis by Exploratory Factor Analysis of tetrachoric/polychoric correlations
VSS.plot Plot VSS fits
fa.sort Sort factor analysis or principal components analysis loadings
KMO Find the Kaiser, Meyer, Olkin Measure of Sampling Adequacy
factor.rotate ``Hand" rotate a factor loading matrix
alpha Find two estimates of reliability: Cronbach's alpha and Guttman's Lambda 6.
irt.1p Item Response Theory estimate of theta (ability) using a Rasch (like) model
fa.extension Apply Dwyer's factor extension to find factor loadings for extended variables
correct.cor Find dis-attenuated correlations given correlations and reliabilities
errorCircles Two way plots of means, error bars, and sample sizes
omega.graph Graph hierarchical factor structures
thurstone Thurstone Case V scaling
VSS.parallel Compare real and random VSS solutions
logistic Logistic transform from x to p and logit transform from p to x
Harman.5 5 socio-economic variables from Harman (1967)
read.clipboard shortcut for reading from the clipboard
scaling.fits Test the adequacy of simple choice, logistic, or Thurstonian scaling.
cor.wt The sample size weighted correlation may be used in correlating aggregated data
parcels Find miniscales (parcels) of size 2 or 3 from a set of items
scrub A utility for basic data cleaning and recoding. Changes values outside of minimum and maximum limits to NA.
corr.test Find the correlations, sample sizes, and probability values between elements of a matrix or data.frame.
headTail Combine calls to head and tail
error.bars Plot means and confidence intervals
spider Make "radar" or "spider" plots.
winsor Find the Winsorized scores, means, sds or variances for a vector, matrix, or data.frame
print.psych Print and summary functions for the psych class
splitHalf Alternative estimates of test reliabiity
p.rep Find the probability of replication for an F, t, or r and estimate effect size
matrix.addition A function to add two vectors or matrices
withinBetween An example of the distinction between within group and between group correlations
structure.diagram Draw a structural equation model specified by two measurement models and a structural model
cushny A data set from Cushny and Peebles (1905) on the effect of three drugs on hours of sleep, used by Student (1908)
test.psych Testing of functions in the psych package
heights A data.frame of the Galton (1888) height and cubit data set.
cluster2keys Convert a cluster vector (from e.g., kmeans) to a keys matrix suitable for scoring item clusters.
sim.multilevel Simulate multilevel data with specified within group and between group correlations
cities Distances between 11 US cities
multi.hist Multiple histograms with density and normal fits on one page Bootstrapped confidence intervals for raw and composite correlations
factor.residuals R* = R- F F'
interp.median Find the interpolated sample median, quartiles, or specific quantiles for a vector, matrix, or data frame
corFiml Find a Full Information Maximum Likelihood (FIML) correlation or covariance matrix from a data matrix with missing data
sim.item Generate simulated data structures for circumplex, spherical, or simple structure
harmonic.mean Find the harmonic mean of a vector, matrix, or columns of a data.frame
kaiser Apply the Kaiser normalization when rotating factors
irt.responses Plot probability of multiple choice responses as a function of a latent trait
glb.algebraic Find the greatest lower bound to reliability.
cubits Galton's example of the relationship between height and 'cubit' or forearm length
phi Find the phi coefficient of correlation between two dichotomous variables
cluster.loadings Find item by cluster correlations, corrected for overlap and reliability
iqitems 16 multiple choice IQ items
geometric.mean Find the geometric mean of a vector or columns of a data.frame.
cortest.mat Chi square tests of whether a single matrix is an identity matrix, or a pair of matrices are equal.
make.keys Create a keys matrix for use by score.items or cluster.cor
structure.list Create factor model matrices from an input list
omega Calculate McDonald's omega estimates of general and total factor saturation
plot.psych Plotting functions for the psych package of class ``psych"
sim Functions to simulate psychological/psychometric data.
sim.congeneric Simulate a congeneric data set
mssd Find von Neuman's Mean Square of Successive Differences
sim.structure Create correlation matrices or data matrices with a particular measurement and structural model
phi2tetra Convert a phi coefficient to a tetrachoric correlation
ICLUST.graph create control code for ICLUST graphical output
score.multiple.choice Score multiple choice items and provide basic test statistics
Dwyer 8 cognitive variables used by Dwyer for an example.
partial.r Find the partial correlations for a set (x) of variables with set (y) removed.
paired.r Test the difference between (un)paired correlations
irt.item.diff.rasch Simple function to estimate item difficulties using IRT concepts
score.irt Find Item Response Theory (IRT) based scores for dichotomous or polytomous items
neo NEO correlation matrix from the NEO_PI_R manual
income US family income from US census 2008
pairs.panels SPLOM, histograms and correlations for a data matrix
r.test Tests of significance for correlations
block.random Create a block randomized structure for n independent variables
iclust iclust: Item Cluster Analysis -- Hierarchical cluster analysis using psychometric principles
phi.demo A simple demonstration of the Pearson, phi, and polychoric corelation
principal Principal components analysis (PCA)
VSS.scree Plot the successive eigen values for a scree test
dummy.code Create dummy coded variables
superMatrix Form a super matrix from two sub matrices. Plot means and confidence intervals for multiple groups
df2latex Convert a data frame, correlation matrix, or factor analysis output to a LaTeX table
scatter.hist Draw a scatter plot with associated X and Y histograms, densitie and correlation
polychor.matrix Phi or Yule coefficient matrix to polychoric coefficient matrix
affect Two data sets of affect and arousal scores as a function of personality and movie conditions
sim.anova Simulate a 3 way balanced ANOVA or linear model, with or without repeated measures.
set.cor Set Correlation and Multiple Regression from matrix or raw input
fisherz Fisher r to z and z to r and confidence intervals
mardia Calculate univariate or multivariate (Mardia's test) skew and kurtosis for a vector, matrix, or data.frame
describe Basic descriptive statistics useful for psychometrics
Bechtoldt Seven data sets showing a bifactor solution.
mixed.cor Find correlations for mixtures of continuous, polytomous, and dichotomous variables
smc Find the Squared Multiple Correlation (SMC) of each variable with the remaining variables in a matrix
cor2dist Convert correlations to distances (necessary to do multidimensional scaling of correlation data)
score.alpha Score scales and find Cronbach's alpha as well as associated statistics
tr Find the trace of a square matrix
reverse.code Reverse the coding of selected items prior to scale analysis
sim.hierarchical Create a population or sample correlation matrix, perhaps with hierarchical structure.
vegetables Paired comparison of preferences for 9 vegetables
cohen.kappa Find Cohen's kappa and weighted kappa coefficients for correlation of two raters
epi.bfi 13 personality scales from the Eysenck Personality Inventory and Big 5 inventory
fa.diagram Graph factor loading matrices
lowerUpper Combine two square matrices to have a lower off diagonal for one, upper off diagonal for the other
peas Galton`s Peas
tetrachoric Tetrachoric, polychoric, biserial and polyserial correlations from various types of input
mat.sort Sort the elements of a correlation matrix to reflect factor loadings
score.items Score item composite scales and find Cronbach's alpha, Guttman lambda 6 and item whole correlations
residuals.psych Extract residuals from various psych objects
factor.stats Find various goodness of fit statistics for factor analysis and principal components
fa.parallel Scree plots of data or correlation matrix compared to random ``parallel" matrices
table2matrix Convert a table with counts to a matrix or data.frame representing those counts.
msq 75 mood items from the Motivational State Questionnaire for 3896 participants
sat.act 3 Measures of ability: SATV, SATQ, ACT
fa Exploratory Factor analysis using MinRes (minimum residual) as well as EFA by Principal Axis, Weighted Least Squares or Maximum Likelihood
statsBy Find statistics (including correlations) within and between groups for basic multilevel analyses
simulation.circ Simulations of circumplex and simple structure
factor.model Find R = F F' + U2 is the basic factor model
factor.congruence Coefficient of factor congruence
rangeCorrection Correct correlations for restriction of range. (Thorndike Case 2)
ICC Intraclass Correlations (ICC1, ICC2, ICC3 from Shrout and Fleiss) cluster Fit: fit of the cluster model to a correlation matrix
sim.VSS create VSS like data
rescale Function to convert scores to ``conventional " metrics
Harman.political Eight political variables used by Harman (1967) as example 8.17
Yule From a two by two table, find the Yule coefficients of association, convert to phi, or tetrachoric, recreate table the table to create the Yule coefficient.
cor.plot Create an image plot for a correlation or factor matrix
psych.misc Miscellaneous helper functions for the psych package
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