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usaf: 17 anthropometric measures from the USAF showing a general factor


The correlation matrix of 17 anthropometric measures from the United States Air Force survey of 2420 airmen. The data are taken from the Anthropometry package and included here as a demonstration of a hierarchical factor structure suitable for analysis by the omega or omegaSem.





The format is: num [1:17, 1:17] 1 0.1148 -0.0309 -0.028 -0.0908 ... - attr(*, "dimnames")=List of 2 ..$ : chr [1:17] "age" "weight" "grip" "height" ... ..$ : chr [1:17] "age" "weight" "grip" "height" ...


The original data were collected by the USAF and reported in Churchill et al, 1977. They are included as a data file of 2420 participants and 202 variables (the first being an id) in the Anthropometry package. The list of variable names may be found in Churchill et al, on pages 96-99.

The three (correlated) factor structure shows a clear height, bulk, and head size structure with an overall general factor (g) which may be interpreted as body size.

The variables included (and their variable numbers in Antropometry) are:

grip strengthV12
height (stature)V13
leg lengthV26
knee heightV37
upper armV42
thumb tip reachV47
in sleeveV49
chest breadthV52
hip breadthV55
waist circumferenceV71
thigh circumferenceV97
scye circumferenceV103
head circumferenceV141
bitragion coronalV145
head lengthV150
glabella to wallV181
external canthus to wallV183

Note that these numbers are equivalant to the numbers in Churchill et al. The numbers in Anthropometry are these + 1.


Edmund Churchill, Thomas Churchill, Paul Kikta (1977) The AMRL anthropmetric data bank library, volumes I-V. (Technical report AMRL-TR-77-1) )

Guillermo Vinue, Anthropometry: An R Package for Analysis of Anthropometric Data, Journal of Statistical Software, (2017), 77, 6.


Run this code
psych::omega(USAF[c(4:8,10:19),c(4:8,10:19)])   #just the size variables

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