psychTools (version 2.4.3)

psychTools: psychTools: datasets and utility functions to accompany the psych package


PsychTools includes the larger data sets used by the psych package and also includes a few general utility functions such as the read.file and read.clipboard functions. The data sets ara made available for demonstrations of a variety of psychometric functions.



See the various helpfiles listed in the index or as links from here. Also see the main functions in the psych package 00.psych-package.

Data sets from the SAPA/ICAR project:

ability16 ICAR ability items scored as correct or incorrect for 1525 participants.
iqitemsmultiple choice IQ items (raw responses)
affectTwo data sets of affect and arousal scores as a function of personality and movie conditions
bfi25 Personality items representing 5 factors from the SAPA project for 2800 participants
bfi.dictionaryDictionary of the bfi
big5.100.adjectives 100 adjectives describing the "big 5" for 502 subjects (from Goldberg) colomCorrelations from the Spanish WAIS (14 scales)
eminenceEminence of 69 American Psychologists
epiEysenck Personality Inventory (EPI) data for 3570 participants
epi.dictionaryThe items for the epi
epi.bfi13 personality scales from the Eysenck Personality Inventory and Big 5 inventory
epiR474 participants took the epi twice
msq75 mood items from the Motivational State Questionnaire for 3896 participants
msqR75 mood items from the Motivational State Questionnaire for 3032 unique participants
taiTrait Anxiety data from the PMC lab matching the sai sample. 3032 unique subjects
saiState Anxiety data from the PMC lab over multiple occasions. 3032 unique subjects.
sai.dictionaryitems used in the sai
spi4000 cases from the SAPA Personality Inventory (135 items, 10 demographics) including an item dictionary and scoring keys.
spi.dictionaryThe items for the spi
spi.keysScoring keys for the spi

Historically interesting data sets

burt11 emotional variables from Burt (1915)
galtonGaltons Mid parent child height data
heightsA data.frame of the Galton (1888) height and cubit data set
cubitsGaltons example of the relationship between height and cubit or forearm length
peasGaltons Peas
cushnyThe data set from Cushny and Peebles (1905) on the effect of three drugs on hours of sleep, used by Student (1908)
holzinger.swineford26 cognitive variables + 7 demographic variables for 301 cases from Holzinger and Swineford.

Miscellaneous example data sets

blantA 29 x 29 matrix that produces weird factor analytic results
blotBonds Logical Operations Test - BLOT
citiesDistances between 11 US cities
city.locationand their geograpical location
incomeUS family income from US census 2008
all.incomeUS family income from US census 2008
neoNEO correlation matrix from the NEO_PI_R manual
SchutzThe Schutz correlation matrix example from Shapiro and ten Berge
SpenglerThe Spengler and Damian correlation matrix example from Spengler, Damian and Roberts (2018)
DamianAnother correlation matrix from Spengler, Damian and Roberts (2018)
usafA correlation of 17 body size (anthropometric) measures from the US Air Force. Adapted from the Anthropometric package.
vegPaired comparison of preferences for 9 vegetables (scaling example)

Functions to convert various objects to latex

fa2latexConvert a data frame, correlation matrix, or factor analysis output to a LaTeX table
df2latexConvert a data frame, correlation matrix, or factor analysis output to a LaTeX table
ICC2latexConvert an ICC analyssis output to a LaTeX table
irt2latexConvert an irt analysis output to a LaTeX table
cor2latexConvert a correlation matrix output to a LaTeX table
omega2latexConvert a data frame, correlation matrix, or factor analysis output to a LaTeX table

File manipulation functions

fileCreateCreate a file
fileScanShow the first few lines of multitple files
filesInfoShow the information for all files in a directory
filesListShow the names of all files in a directory

dfOrder Sorts a data frame vJoin Combine two matrices or data frames into one based upon variable labels combineMatricesTakes a square matrix (x) and combines with a rectangular matrix y to produce a larger xy matrix.

File input/output functions

read.clipboardShortcuts for reading from the clipboard or a file
read.fileRead a file according to its suffix
write.fileWrite data to a file


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