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Analysis of Subjective Perspectives Using Q Methodology

Analysis of Q methodology, used to identify distinct perspectives existing within a group. This methodology is used across social, health and environmental sciences to understand diversity of attitudes, discourses, or decision-making styles (for more information, see <http://qmethod.org>). A single function runs the full analysis. Each step can be run separately using the corresponding functions: for automatic flagging of Q-sorts (manual flagging is optional), for statement scores, for distinguishing and consensus statements, and for general characteristics of the factors. Additional functions are available to import and export data, to print and plot, to import raw data from individual *.CSV files, and to make printable cards. The package also offers functions to print Q cards and to generate Q distributions for study administration. The package uses principal components and it allows manual or automatic flagging, a number of mathematical methods for rotation, and a number of correlation coefficients for the initial correlation matrix. See further details in the package documentation, and in the web pages below, which include a cookbook, guidelines for more advanced analysis (how to perform manual flagging or change the sign of factors), data management, and a beta graphical user interface for online and offline use.

Functions in qmethod

Name Description
qbstep Q Methodology: Single step for the bootstrap
print.QmethodRes Q Method: print method for results
qzscores Q methodology: z-scores from loadings
qpcrustes Q Methodology: Procrustes rotation of loadings
importexample Import Example
summary.QmethodRes Q methodology: summary for class 'QmethodRes'
qfcharact Q methodology: factor characteristics
lipset Lipset (1963) Q methodology dataset
q.fnames Change factor names in the results of Q methodology analysis
qflag Q methodology: automatic flagging of Q-sorts
make.distribution Q methodology: create Q normal distribution
plot.QmethodRes Q Method: plot for statement z-scores
qindtest Q Methodology: PCA bootstrap indeterminacy tests
qmb.summary Q Methodology: Summary of bootstrap results
qfsi Q Methodology: Factor Stability index
qmboots Q Methodology: Bootstrap
import.q.sorts Q methodology: import Q-sorts from CSV
import.q.feedback Q methodology: imports feedback on Q items
qmb.plot Q Methodology: Plot of bootstrap results
loa.and.flags Q methodology: show factor loadings next to flags
make.cards Q methodology: produce printable cards for Q study with ID and full item wording
import.pqmethod Q methodology: import PQMethod *.DAT files
build.q.set Q methodology: sample a Q set from a concourse
import.htmlq Q methodology: import data from HTMLQ and FlashQ
export.pqmethod Q methodology: export to PQMethod *.DAT and *.STA files
import.q.concourse Q methodology: import concourse of Q items
export.qm Q Methodology: export results to a plain text document
qdc.zsc Q methodology: distinguishing and consensus statements
qmethod-package Package for Q methodology analysis
qmethod Q methodology analysis
qdc Q methodology: distinguishing and consensus statements
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Date 2018-05-21
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData true
Repository CRAN
URL https://github.com/aiorazabala/qmethod, https://github.com/aiorazabala/qmethod/wiki
BugReports https://github.com/aiorazabala/qmethod/issues
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2018-05-22 07:48:36 UTC; aiora
Date/Publication 2018-05-22 09:57:02 UTC

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