qmethod (version 1.5.5)

export.qm: Q Methodology: export results to a plain text document


Exports an object of class QmethodRes to a plain text file (*.TXT). All the objects within the list resulting from qmethod are exported as they are. This is intended for interpretation rather than for further analysis.


export.qm(qmobject, file, style= c("R", "PQMethod"))



an object of Q methodology results, obtained from the function qmethod.


the file name. Note that in some operating systems, the file name will need an extension *.TXT so that other software opens it.


the structure and formatting of the results in the exported document. Defaults to "R" where the qmobject will be written as is. Option "PQMethod" provides an output with similar structure and elements as those provided by PQMethod software in the *.LIS files (see details of *.LIS files in the References below). Note that the latter creates a much longer document.


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File descriptions in PQMethod Manual: http://schmolck.org/qmethod/pqmanual.htm#appdxa