qmethod (version 1.5.5)

import.htmlq: Q methodology: import data from HTMLQ and FlashQ


Imports data from *.CSV files created with HTMLQ or FlashQ softwares for Q-sort administration.


import.htmlq(filename, ...)



a file with extension *.CSV (see full description of the file below in References).


further arguments to be passed to read.csv2.


Extracts the raw data of a Q methodology study from the native format saved in both FlashQ and HTMLQ. Returns a list with two objects.

The first object contains a data frame with items as rows and Q-sorts as columns, ready to be used in qmethod. It sets the Q-sort names to the values in the column 'uid' or else in 'sid'.

The second object contains the additional data collected. Columns npos, nneu and nneg have the number of items allocated to the groups of 'positive', 'neutral', and 'negative' respectively. Columns which name start with comment* and form* contain further information introduced by the respondent. Columns which name start with dur* contain the time that the respondent spent in each screen. Column datetime contains the data stamp when the Q-sort was responded.


Hackert, Christian and Braehler, Gernot, 2007. FlashQ, Available at: http://www.hackert.biz/flashq

Oschlies, Johannes and Killing, Marvin, 2015. HTMLQ, Available at: https://github.com/aproxima/htmlq