qtpaint v1.1.0


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Qt-based painting infrastructure

Low-level interface to functionality in Qt for efficiently drawing dynamic graphics and handling basic user input.

Functions in qtpaint

Name Description
glyphExpansionReplace Dash patterns
dashReplace Dash patterns
antialiasReplace Antialiasing
lineWidthReplace Line width
Qanviz Qanviz smoke library
transform User to device transform
qscene Create scenes
qplotView Plot view
fontReplace Fonts
qupdate Updating drawings
painting Drawing API
add-scene-items Adding scene items
stroke-fill Stroke and fill colors
qglyphs Glyph constructors
item-properties Item properties
qflipy Flip the Y axis
layout-accessors Grid layout accessors
qvmap Mapping coordinates
text-extents Text extents
qlayer Create a layer
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License GPL version 2 or later
LinkingTo qtbase

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