Linear Quantile Regression Process Object

These are objects of class rq.process. They represent the fit of a linear conditional quantile function model.


These arrays are computed by parametric linear programming methods using using the exterior point (simplex-type) methods of the Koenker--d'Orey algorithm based on Barrodale and Roberts median regression algorithm.


This class of objects is returned from the rq function to represent a fitted linear quantile regression model.


The "rq.process" class of objects has methods for the following generic functions: effects, formula , labels , model.frame , model.matrix , plot , predict , print , print.summary , summary


The following components must be included in a legitimate rq.process object.


The primal solution array. This is a (p+3) by J matrix whose first row contains the 'breakpoints' \(tau_1, tau_2, \dots, tau_J\), of the quantile function, i.e. the values in [0,1] at which the solution changes, row two contains the corresponding quantiles evaluated at the mean design point, i.e. the inner product of xbar and \(b(tau_i)\), the third row contains the value of the objective function evaluated at the corresponding \(tau_j\), and the last p rows of the matrix give \(b(tau_i)\). The solution \(b(tau_i)\) prevails from \(tau_i\) to \(tau_i+1\). Portnoy (1991) shows that \(J=O_p(n \log n)\).


The dual solution array. This is a n by J matrix containing the dual solution corresponding to sol, the ij-th entry is 1 if \(y_i > x_i b(tau_j)\), is 0 if \(y_i < x_i b(tau_j)\), and is between 0 and 1 otherwise, i.e. if the residual is zero. See Gutenbrunner and Jureckova(1991) for a detailed discussion of the statistical interpretation of dsol. The use of dsol in inference is described in Gutenbrunner, Jureckova, Koenker, and Portnoy (1994).


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