UIS Drug Treatment study data

There are 628 data points in the original data, 575 of which have no missing values.

Variable descriptions:

Variable Description Codes/Values
ID Identification Code 1 - 628
AGE Age at Enrollment Years
BECK Beck DepressionScore 0.000 - 54.000
HC Heroin/Cocaine Use During 1 = Heroin & Cocaine
3 Months Prior to Admission 2 = Heroin Only
3 = Cocaine Only
4 = Neither Heroin nor Cocaine
IV History of IV Drug Use 1 = Never
2 = Previous
3 = Recent
NDT Number of Prior Drug Treatments 0 - 40
RACE Subject's Race 0 = White
1 = Non-White
TREAT Treatment Randomization 0 = Short
Assignment 1 = Long
SITE Treatment Site 0 = A
1 = B
LEN.T Length of Stay in Treatment Days
(Admission Date to Exit Date)
TIME Time to Drug Relapse Days
(Measured from Admission Date)
CENSOR Event for Treating Lost to 1 = Returned to Drugs
Follow-Up as Returned to Drugs or Lost to Follow-Up
0 = Otherwise
Y log of TIME
ND1 Component of NDT
ND2 Component of NDT
FRAC Compliance fraction LEN.T/90 for short trt
LEN.T/180 for long trt
IV3 Recent IV use 1 = Yes


A data frame with dimension 575 by 18.


Hosmer,D.W. and Lemeshow, S. (1998) Applied Survival Analysis: Regression Modeling of Time to Event Data, John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York, NY

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