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Functions to Make Surveys Processing Easier

Set of functions to make the processing and analysis of surveys easier : interactive shiny apps and addins for data recoding, contingency tables, dataset metadata handling, and several convenience functions.

Functions in questionr

Name Description
clipcopy Transform an object into HTML and copy it for export
first_non_null Return first non-null of two values
escape_regex Escape regex special chars Code directly taken from Hmisc::escapeRegex
lookfor Look for keywords variable names and descriptions
irec Interactive recoding
odds.ratio Odds Ratio
na.rm Remove observations with missing values
fecondite A fertility survey
rm.unused.levels Remove unused levels
rp2012 2012 French Census - French cities of more than 2000 inhabitants
freq Generate frequency tables.
format.proptab S3 format method for proptab objects.
ifunc_run_as_addin Check if we are currently running as an rstudio addin
ifunc_get_css Returns custom CSS content
femmes A fertility survey - "femmes" table
quant.cut Transform a quantitative variable into a qualitative variable
questionr questionr
tabs Weighted Crossresult
fertility A fertility survey
happy Data related to happiness from the General Social Survey, 1972-2006.
hdv2003 Histoire de vie 2003 Generate frequency table of missing values.
ltabs Cross tabulation with labelled variables
menages A fertility survey - "menages" table
households A fertility survey - "households" table
women A fertility survey - "women" table
multi.table One-way frequency table for multiple choices question
multi.split Split a multiple choices variable in a series of binary variables
icut Interactive conversion from numeric to factor
wtd.mean Weighted mean and variance of a vector
ifunc_show_alert Display an alert, only on first launch for the current session
print.proptab S3 print method for proptab objects.
iorder Interactive reordering of factor levels
prop Global percentages of a two-way frequency table.
wtd.table Weighted one-way and two-way frequency tables.
rp99 1999 French Census - Cities from the Rh<U+00F4>ne state
rprop Row percentages of a two-way frequency table.
qload Load one or more packages, installing them first if necessary
qscan Scan R scripts and load/install all detected packages Recode values of a variable to missing values, using exact or regular expression matching.
rename.variable Rename a data frame column
chisq.residuals Return the chi-squared residuals of a two-way frequency table.
addNAstr Transform missing values of a factor to an extra level
children A fertility survey - "children" table
cross.multi.table Two-way frequency table between a multiple choices question and a factor
describe Describe the variables of a data.frame
duplicated2 Determine all duplicate elements
cprop Column percentages of a two-way frequency table.
cramer.v Compute Cramer's V of a two-way frequency table
enfants A fertility survey - "enfants" table
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