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by James Thomson

Converts R objects and data frames to json and produces D3.js visualisations

It will take a data frame or specific R objects and convert them to json form. A D3.js wrapper can then put around the json and an html file produced that contains the selected type of visualisation



R package to create D3.js Visualisations

To install run the following in R:

install_github(repo = "jamesthomson/R2D3")

Functions in r2d3

Name Description
D3Sunburst D3 Sunburst
D3Venn D3 Venn
D3XtabHeat D3 XtabHeat
D3Chord D3 Chord
D3Dendro D3 Dendrogram
D3Force D3 Force
D3Tree D3 Tree
D3WordCloud D3 Word Cloud
D3Sankey D3 Sankey
dfToJSON Converts data to json form
jsonMatrix Matrix json
jsonSeqFreq Sequence frequency json
jsonWordCloud Data to word frequency json
jsonHC Hierachical Cluster output to json
jsonOverlaps Data frame to overlaps json
jsonNodesLinks Nodes and Links json
jsonNestedData Data frame to nested json
jsonXtabs Data frame to cross tabs json
jsonCompare Multiple results for comparison to json
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Type Package
Date 2014-07-12
References Mike Bostock's lovely d3: http://d3js.org/ and Captain Anonymous' collapsible radial dendrogram here: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/xItvw
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