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by Jeffery Petit

JavaScript Charts API Tool

API for using 'AmCharts' Library. Based on the 'htmlwidgets' package, it provides a global architecture to generate 'JavaScript' source code for charts. Most of classes in the library have their equivalent in R with S4 classes; for those classes, not all properties have been referenced but can easily be added in the constructors. Complex properties (e.g. 'JavaScript' object) can be passed as named list. See examples at <http:// dataknowledge.github.io/rAmCharts/>. and <http://www.amcharts.com/> for more information about the library. The package includes the free version of 'AmCharts' Library. Its only limitation is that a small link to the web site will be displayed in your charts. If you enjoy this library, do not hesitate to refer to this page <http://www.amcharts.com/online-store/> to purchase a licence, and thus support its creators and get a period of Priority Support. See also <http://www.amcharts.com/about/> for more information about 'AmCharts' company.

Functions in rAmCharts

Name Description
initialize,AmGraph-method Initialize an AmGraph
AmStockChart-class AmStockChart
DataSetSelector-class DataSetSelector class
controlShinyPlot Test the class of an exepression
AmChart-class AmChart
addGuide,AxisBase,GuideOrMissing-method Add a Guide for AxisBase
initialize,GaugeAxis-method Initialize a GaugeAxis
amHist Plotting histogram using rAmCharts
AmObject-class AmObject class
initialize,Label-method Initialize
initialize,GaugeArrow-method Initialize a GaugeArrow
show,AmObject-method Visualize with show
renderAmCharts SHINY
ValueAxis-class ValueAxis class
initialize,DataSetSelector-method Initialize DataSetSelector
data_gdp 10 Richest Countries in the World by 2015 GDP
data_stock1 Random data for example
Title-class Title class
AmLegend-class AmLegend class
initialize,AmStockChart-method Initialize an AmStockChart
initialize,TrendLine-method Initialize a TrendLine
AmGraph-class AmGraph class
addListener Methods of AmObject
api See AmCharts API
initialize,AmLegend-method Initialize
plot,AmCharts-method PLOTTING METHOD
show,AmChart-method Visualize AmChart with show
ChartCursor-class ChartCursor class
ChartScrollbar-class ChartScrollbar class
PeriodSelector-class PeriodSelector class
CategoryAxis-class CategoryAxis class
amBoxplot Plotting boxplot using rAmCharts
amChartsOutput SHINY
AxisBase-class AxisBase class
Label-class Label class
runShinyExamples Few shiny examples
StockPanel-class StockPanel class
initialize,AmBalloon-method Initialize an AmBalloon
initialize,PeriodSelector-method Initialize a PeriodSelector
initialize,DataSet-method Initialize a DataSet
listProperties,AmBalloon-method List attributes of an S4 object
initialize,StockPanel-method Initialize a StockPanel
initialize,Guide-method Initialize a Guide
initialize,Title-method Initialize A Title
stockGraph Constructor for a stockGraph (class AmGraph)
initialize,ValueAxis-method Initialize
initialize,StockEvent-method Initialize a StockEvent
toList Convert a data.frame in list
print,AmObject-method Visualize with print
setBalloon Shared generics methods
AmBalloon-class AmBalloon class
initialize,AmChart-method Create an AmChart
initialize,ChartScrollbar-method Initialize a ChartScrollbar
Guide-class Guide class
listProperties,AmChart-method List attributes of an AmChart
DataSet-class DataSet class
GaugeArrow-class GaugeArrow class
StockEvent-class StockEvent class
initialize,ChartCursor-method Initialize a ChartCursor
stockLegend Constructor for StockLegend.
GaugeBand-class GaugeBand class
TrendLine-class TrendLine class
GaugeAxis-class GaugeAxis class
initialize,GaugeBand-method Initialize a GaugeBand
initialize,CategoryAxis-method Initialize a CategoryAxis
show,AmStockChart-method Visualize AmStockChart with show
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Date 2015-10-18
License GPL (>= 2)
URL http://dataknowledge.github.io/rAmCharts/
BugReports https://github.com/DataKnowledge/rAmCharts/issues/
Collate 'AmObject.R' 'AmBalloon.R' 'AmChart.R' 'AmChart_constructors.R' 'sharedGenerics.R' 'AxisBase.R' 'ValueAxis.R' 'basicClassUnions.R' 'TrendLine.R' 'Title.R' 'StockPanel.R' 'StockEvent.R' 'PeriodSelector.R' 'Label.R' 'Guide.R' 'GaugeAxis.R' 'GaugeBand.R' 'GaugeArrow.R' 'DataSet.R' 'ChartScrollbar.R' 'ChartCursor.R' 'AmLegend.R' 'AmGraph.R' 'classUnion.R' 'CategoryAxis.R' 'AmChart_setters.R' 'AmChart_shinyUtils.R' 'AmStockChart.R' 'AmCharts_plot.R' 'AmStockChart_setters.R' 'AxisBase_setters.R' 'ChartCursor_setters.R' 'ChartScrollbar_setters.R' 'DataSetSelector.R' 'DataSet_setters.R' 'GaugeArrow_setters.R' 'GaugeAxis_setters.R' 'Guide_setters.R' 'StockEvent_setters.R' 'StockPanel_setters.R' 'TrendLine_setters.R' 'amBoxplot.R' 'amHist.R' 'data.R' 'shinyExamples.R' 'startupMessage.R' 'utils.R'

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