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by Simon Urbanek

Low-level R to Java interface

Low-level interface to Java VM very much like .C/.Call and friends. Allows creation of objects, calling methods and accessing fields.

Functions in rJava

Name Description
jcall Call a Java method
java-tools java tools used internally in rJava
rep Creates java arrays by cloning
clone Object cloner
toJava Convert R objects to REXP references in Java
jcastToArray Ensures that a given object is an array reference
jfloat-class Classes "jfloat", "jlong", "jbyte" and "jchar" specify Java native types that are not native in R
jfloat Wrap numeric vector as flat Java parameter
jreflection Simple helper functions for Java reflection
show Show a Java Object Reference
jcast Cast a Java object to another class
jnull Java null object reference
javaImport Attach mechanism for java packages
jfield Obtains the value of a field
jnew Create a Java object
jsimplify Converts Java object to a simple scalar if possible
J High level API for accessing Java
JavaAccess Field/method operator for Java objects
jmemprof rJava memory profiler
jclassName-class Class "jclassName" - a representation of a Java class name
aslist Converts java objects or arrays to R lists
.jinstanceof Is a java object an instance of a given java class
jcheck Java exception handling
jengine Java callback engineCast a Java object to another class
jarray Java array handling functions
jserialize Java object serialization
jarrayRef-class Class "jarrayRef" Reference to an array Java object
jpackage Initialize an R package containing Java code
loader Java class loader
jrectRef-class Rectangular java arrays
Exceptions Exception handling
with.jobjRef with and within methods for Java objects and class names
jequals Comparing Java References
jobjRef-class Class "jobjRef" - Reference to a Java object
jinit Initialize Java VM
new Create a new Java object
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License GPL-2
URL http://www.rforge.net/rJava/
SystemRequirements java
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2010-09-02 19:49:17

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