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by Simon Urbanek

Low-level R to Java interface

Low-level interface to Java VM very much like .C/.Call and friends. Allows creation of objects, calling methods and accessing fields.

Functions in rJava

Name Description
clone Object cloner
jcall Call a Java method
jcast Cast a Java object to another class
jmemprof rJava memory profiler
rep Creates java arrays by cloning
jcheck Java exception handling
Exceptions Exception handling
loader Java class loader
aslist Converts java objects or arrays to R lists
jserialize Java object serialization
jcastToArray Ensures that a given object is an array reference
jnull Java null object reference
jarrayRef-class Class "jarrayRef" Reference to an array Java object
jclassName-class Class "jclassName" - a representation of a Java class name
jfield Obtains the value of a field
jarray Java array handling functions
jengine Java callback engineCast a Java object to another class
jnew Create a Java object
with.jobjRef with and within methods for Java objects and class names
jobjRef-class Class "jobjRef" - Reference to a Java object
javaImport Attach mechanism for java packages
jreflection Simple helper functions for Java reflection
jinit Initialize Java VM
show Show a Java Object Reference
JavaAccess Field/method operator for Java objects
J High level API for accessing Java
jequals Comparing Java References
jfloat Wrap numeric vector as flat Java parameter
jfloat-class Classes "jfloat", "jlong", "jbyte" and "jchar" specify Java native types that are not native in R
jsimplify Converts Java object to a simple scalar if possible
jpackage Initialize an R package containing Java code
jrectRef-class Rectangular java arrays
toJava Convert R objects to REXP references in Java
new Create a new Java object
.jinstanceof Is a java object an instance of a given java class
java-tools java tools used internally in rJava
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License GPL-2
URL http://www.rforge.net/rJava/
SystemRequirements java
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2010-10-18 19:10:39

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