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LiDAR Data Processing and Visualization

Set of tools for reading, processing and visualizing small set of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data for forest inventory applications.

Functions in rLiDAR

Name Description
FindTreesCHM Individual tree detection whitin the LiDAR-derived Canopy Height Model (CHM)
ForestCAS Individual trees crown deliniation from LiDAR-derived Canopy Height Model (CHM)
chullLiDAR3D 3D convex hull of the individual tree LiDAR-derived point cloud
chm LiDAR-derived Canopy Height Model - (CHM)
chullLiDAR2D 2D Convex hull of individual tree LiDAR-derived point cloud
CHMsmoothing LiDAR-derived Canopy Height Model (CHM) smoothing
CrownMetrics LiDAR-derived individual tree crown metrics
LASmetrics LiDAR-derived metrics
LiDARForestStand 3D stand visualization of LiDAR-derived individual trees
readLAS Reading LiDAR data
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