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Tools for Tensor Analysis and Decomposition

A set of tools for creation, manipulation, and modeling of tensors with arbitrary number of modes. A tensor in the context of data analysis is a multidimensional array. rTensor does this by providing a S4 class 'Tensor' that wraps around the base 'array' class. rTensor provides common tensor operations as methods, including matrix unfolding, summing/averaging across modes, calculating the Frobenius norm, and taking the inner product between two tensors. Familiar array operations are overloaded, such as index subsetting via '[' and element-wise operations. rTensor also implements various tensor decomposition, including CP, GLRAM, MPCA, PVD, and Tucker. For tensors with 3 modes, rTensor also implements transpose, t-product, and t-SVD, as defined in Kilmer et al. (2013). Some auxiliary functions include the Khatri-Rao product, Kronecker product, and the Hamadard product for a list of matrices.

Functions in rTensor

Name Description
k_fold k-mode Folding of Matrix
k_unfold-methods Tensor k-mode Unfolding
modeMean-methods Tensor Mean Across Single Mode
cp Canonical Polyadic Decomposition
fold General Folding of Matrix
modeSum-methods Tensor Sum Across Single Mode
rs_fold Row Space Folding of Matrix
hadamard_list List hadamard Product
rs_unfold-methods Tensor Row Space Unfolding
print-methods Print for Tensor
faces_tnsr ORL Database of Faces
fnorm-methods Tensor Frobenius Norm
head-methods Head for Tensor
hosvd (Truncated-)Higher-order SVD
unfold-methods Tensor Unfolding
unmatvec Unmatvec Folding of Matrix
pvd Population Value Decomposition
cs_fold Column Space Folding of Matrix
Ops-methods Conformable elementwise operators for Tensor
Tensor-class S4 Class for a Tensor
t_mult Tensor Multiplication (T-MULT)
rTensor-package Tools for tensor analysis and decomposition
cs_unfold-methods Tensor Column Space Unfolding
khatri_rao Khatri-Rao Product
rand_tensor Tensor with Random Entries
khatri_rao_list List Khatri-Rao Product
mpca Multilinear Principal Components Analysis
plot_orl Function to plot the ORL Database of Faces
show-methods Show for Tensor
initialize-methods Initializes a Tensor instance
t_svd Tensor Singular Value Decomposition
innerProd-methods Tensors Inner Product
vec-methods Tensor Vec
t_svd_reconstruct Reconstruct Tensor From TSVD
tail-methods Tail for Tensor
t-methods Tensor Transpose
ttm Tensor Times Matrix (m-Mode Product)
kronecker_list List Kronecker Product
matvec-methods Tensor Matvec Unfolding
tucker Tucker Decomposition
tperm-methods Mode Permutation for Tensor
ttl Tensor Times List
dim-methods Mode Getter for Tensor
[-methods Extract or Replace Subtensors
as.tensor Tensor Conversion
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Date 2018-12-03
URL http://jamesyili.github.io/rTensor
Packaged 2018-12-04 02:00:28 UTC; jamesyili
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NeedsCompilation no
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Date/Publication 2018-12-04 10:20:09 UTC

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