Arithmic with rasters

Standard arithmic operators for computations with RasterLayer objects and numeric values. The following operators are available: +, -, *, /, ^, %%, %/% Operators are applied on a cell by cell basis, and single numeric values are recycled. Input RasterLayers must have the same extent and resolution.

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If the values of the output RasterLayer cannot be held in memory, they will be saved to a temporary file unless a default filename has been set with rasterOptions. You can also use rasterOptions to set the format, datatype and overwrite options.


  • A RasterLayer object, and in some cases the side effect of a new file on disk.

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r1 <- raster(ncols=10, nrows=10)
r1[] <- runif(ncell(r1))
r2 <- setValues(r1, 1:ncell(r1) / ncell(r1) )
r3 <- r1 + r2
r2 <- r1 / 10
r3 <- r1 * (r2 - 1 + r1^2 / r2)
Documentation reproduced from package raster, version 1.0.0-1, License: GPL (>= 3)

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