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by Robert Hijmans

Geographic analysis and modeling with raster data

Package for reading, writing, and manipulating raster (grid) type geographic (spatial) data

Functions in raster

Name Description
freq Frequency table
brick Create a Rasterbrick object
inifile Read a .ini file
Math-methods Mathematical functions
gridDistance Grid distance
overlay Overlay
hist Histogram
interpolate Interpolate
plot3D Interative 3D plot of a RasterLayer
crop Crop
raster Create a RasterLayer object
saveAs Save a Raster* object to a new file
focalValues Extract focal values
pointDistance Distance between points
Raster-class Raster* classes
Logic-methods Logical operators and functions
getValuesBlock Get raster cell values
getData Get geographic data
compare Compare
cellsFromExtent Cells from Extent
cellFrom Get cell, row, or column number
plotRGB Red-Green-Blue plot of RasterLayers
cellValues Extract values for one or more cells
mask mask
aggregate Aggregate
crosstab Cross-tabulate
draw Draw a line or polygon
alignExtent Align an extent (object of class Extent)
Extent-class Class "Extent"
expand Expand
Sample Random or regular sample
disaggregate Disaggregate
copyRasterFile Copy or move a raster file
setProjection projection
dimensions Dimensions of a Raster* object
area Size of cells
filename Filename
setMinMax Compute min and max values
dataProperties Data properties
rowFromCell Row or column number from a cell number
setValues Set values
mosaic mosaic RasterLayers
adjacency Adjacency
Arith-methods Arithmic with rasters
rotate Rotate
resolution Resolution
coordinates Coordinates
rasterFromCells Subset a raster by cell numbers
stats Miscellaneous statistical functions
rasterToPoints Raster to points conversion
worldFile Header files
saverasterstack Save or open a RasterStack file
intersectExtent Extent intersection
origin Origin
cellStats Cell statistics
direction Direction
unique Unique values
count Count
distance Distance
properties Raster file properties
extremeValues Minimum and maximum values
rasterToPolygons Raster to polygons conversion
Function writing Helper functions to use in new functions you develop
validCell Validity of a cell, column or row number
polygonsToRaster Polygons to raster conversion
xyFromCell Coordinates from a row, column or cell number
reclass Reclassify
contour Contour plot
substitute Substitute values in a RasterLayer
projectRaster project a RasterLayer
focal Focal
Compare-methods Compare Raster* objects
rasterTmpFile Temporary files
bands Bands
values Get raster values
NAvalue Set the NA value of a RasterLayer
linesToRaster Lines to raster
extension Filename extensions
polygonValues Extract values from a RasterLayer by polygons
predict Spatial model predictions
polygonFromExtent Polygon from Extent
distanceFromPoints Distance from points
nlayers Layers
resample Resample
density Density plot
dataType Data type
unionExtent Extent union
focalFilter Focal filter
clump Detect clumps
stack Create a RasterStack object
getValues Get raster cell values
extent Extent
SampleInt Sample integer values
plot Plot a Raster* object
merge Merge RasterLayers
edge Edge detection
setExtent Set the extent of a RasteLayer
pairs Pair plots
xyValues Extract values at xy coordinates
cover Cover
writeRasterHdr Header files
trim Trim
nudgeExtent Round extent coordinates
unstack Unstack
initialize Intitialize
persp Perspective plot
Summary Summary
writeFormats File types for writing
pointsToRaster Point to raster conversion
shift Shift
read Read values from disk
writeRaster Write raster data to a file
round Integer values
zoom Zoom in on a plot
Options Global options for the raster package
drawExtent Draw extet
image Image
raster-package Management, analysis and modeling of raster-type geographic data
which Which cells are TRUE?
rasterToContour Raster to contour lines conversion
writeValues Write values to a file
Summary-methods Summary methods
as.logical as.logical
calc Calculate
factors Factors
flip Flip
changeStack Add or drop a layer
isLonLat Is this longitude/latitude data?
click Click
indexing Values from index and replacement
zonal Zonal statistics
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Type Package
Date 16-April-2010
License GPL (>= 3)
URL http://raster.r-forge.r-project.org/
Repository CRAN
Repository/R-Forge/Project raster
Repository/R-Forge/Revision 911
Date/Publication 2010-04-19 17:55:33
Packaged 2010-04-18 21:01:55 UTC; rforge

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