raster (version 2.5-8)

replacement: Replace cell values or layers of a Raster* object


You can set values of a Raster* object, when i is a vector of cell numbers, a Raster*, Extent, or Spatial* object.

These are shorthand methods that work best for relatively small Raster* objects. In other cases you can use functions such as calc and rasterize.



x[i] <- value

x[i,j] <- value

rll Arguments: x a Raster* object i cell number(s), row number(s), Extent, Spatial* object j columns number(s) (only available if i is (are) a row number(s)) value new cell value(s)

See Also

calc, rasterize


Run this code
r <- raster(ncol=10, nrow=5)
r[] <- 1:ncell(r) * 2
r[1,] <- 1
r[,1] <- 2
r[1,1] <- 3

s <- stack(r, sqrt(r))
s[s<5] <- NA

# }

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