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Graphical User Interface for Data Science in R

The R Analytic Tool To Learn Easily (Rattle) provides a collection of utilities functions for the data scientist. A Gnome (RGtk2) based graphical interface is included with the aim to provide a simple and intuitive introduction to R for data science, allowing a user to quickly load data from a CSV file (or via ODBC), transform and explore the data, build and evaluate models, and export models as PMML (predictive modelling markup language) or as scores. A key aspect of the GUI is that all R commands are logged and commented through the log tab. This can be saved as a standalone R script file and as an aid for the user to learn R or to copy-and-paste directly into R itself.

Functions in rattle

Name Description
drawTreesAda Draw trees from an Ada model
fancyRpartPlot A wrapper for plotting rpart trees using prp
listVersions Versions of Installed Packages
listAdaVarsUsed List the variables used by an adaboost model
whichNumerics Returns a list of the names of the numeric variables in a data frame.
weatherAUS Daily weather observations from multiple Australian weather stations.
modalvalue Calculate the mode of a vector, array or list.
listTreesAda List trees from an Ada model
plotOptimalLine Plot three lines on a risk chart, one vertical and two horizontal
plotRisk Plot a risk chart
rescale.by.group Transform a numeric vector by grouping it according to the values of the supplied factor and then rescaling within the groups.
errorMatrix Generate an error matrix from actua and predicted data.
rattle_gui Interal Rattle user interface callbacks.
rattle Display the Rattle User Interface
printRandomForests Print a representation of the Random Forest models to the console
acquireAuditData Generate the audit dataset.
savePlotToFile Save a plot in some way
randomForest2Rules Generate accessible data structure of a randomForest model
setupDataset Given specific contents of env add other dataset related variables.
wine The wine dataset from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
rattle.print.summary.multinom Print information about a multinomial model
treeset.randomForest Generate a representation of a tree in a Random Forest
weather Sample dataset of daily weather observations from Canberra airport in Australia.
asRules List the rules corresponding to the rpart decision tree
genPlotTitleCmd Generate a string to add a title to a plot
ggVarImp Model.
rattleInfo Extract Rattle and related package information.
riskchart Plot a risk chart
binning Perform binning over numeric data
asRules.rpart List the rules corresponding to the rpart decision tree
calcInitialDigitDistr Generate a frequency count of the initial digits
comcat Echo data in a human readable form.
drawTreeNodes Draw nodes of a decision tree
audit Sample dataset to illustrate Rattle functionality.
calculateAUC Determine area under a curve (e.g. a risk or recall curve) of a risk chart
centers.hclust List Cluster Centers for a Hierarchical Cluster
evaluateRisk Summarise the performance of a data mining model
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