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Graphical User Interface for Data Science in R

The R Analytic Tool To Learn Easily (Rattle) provides a collection of utilities functions for the data scientist. A Gnome (RGtk2) based graphical interface is included with the aim to provide a simple and intuitive introduction to R for data science, allowing a user to quickly load data from a CSV file (or via ODBC), transform and explore the data, build and evaluate models, and export models as PMML (predictive modelling markup language) or as scores. A key aspect of the GUI is that all R commands are logged and commented through the log tab. This can be saved as a standalone R script file and as an aid for the user to learn R or to copy-and-paste directly into R itself.

Functions in rattle

Name Description
rescale.by.group Transform a numeric vector by grouping it according to the values of the supplied factor and then rescaling within the groups.
fancyRpartPlot A wrapper for plotting rpart trees using prp
rattle.print.summary.multinom Print information about a multinomial model
setupDataset Given specific contents of env add other dataset related variables.
evaluateRisk Summarise the performance of a data mining model
rattle Display the Rattle User Interface
savePlotToFile Save a plot in some way
ggVarImp Model.
rattleInfo Extract Rattle and related package information.
genPlotTitleCmd Generate a string to add a title to a plot
calcInitialDigitDistr Generate a frequency count of the initial digits
randomForest2Rules Generate accessible data structure of a randomForest model
rattle_gui Interal Rattle user interface callbacks.
printRandomForests Print a representation of the Random Forest models to the console
drawTreesAda Draw trees from an Ada model
weatherAUS Daily weather observations from multiple Australian weather stations.
riskchart Plot a risk chart
whichNumerics Returns a list of the names of the numeric variables in a data frame.
listVersions Versions of Installed Packages
modalvalue Calculate the mode of a vector, array or list.
errorMatrix Generate an error matrix from actua and predicted data.
listAdaVarsUsed List the variables used by an adaboost model
wine The wine dataset from the UCI Machine Learning Repository.
plotOptimalLine Plot three lines on a risk chart, one vertical and two horizontal
listTreesAda List trees from an Ada model
plotRisk Plot a risk chart
treeset.randomForest Generate a representation of a tree in a Random Forest
weather Sample dataset of daily weather observations from Canberra airport in Australia.
calculateAUC Determine area under a curve (e.g. a risk or recall curve) of a risk chart
binning Perform binning over numeric data
asRules List the rules corresponding to the rpart decision tree
comcat Echo data in a human readable form.
acquireAuditData Generate the audit dataset.
asRules.rpart List the rules corresponding to the rpart decision tree
drawTreeNodes Draw nodes of a decision tree
audit Sample dataset to illustrate Rattle functionality.
centers.hclust List Cluster Centers for a Hierarchical Cluster
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