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Benchmarking routine for R

rbenchmark is inspired by the Perl module Benchmark, and is intended to facilitate benchmarking of arbitrary R code. The library consists of just one function, benchmark, which is a simple wrapper around system.time. Given a specification of the benchmarking process (counts of replications, evaluation environment) and an arbitrary number of expressions, benchmark evaluates each of the expressions in the specified environment, replicating the evaluation as many times as specified, and returning the results conveniently wrapped into a data frame.

Functions in rbenchmark

Name Description
rbenchmark rbenchmark provides a simple routine for benchmarking R code.
benchmark a simple routine for benchmarking R code
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Type Package
Date 2012-08-30
License GPL (>= 2)
LazyLoad yes
URL http://rbenchmark.googlecode.com
Packaged 2012-08-30 10:04:59 UTC; waku
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2012-08-30 12:26:04

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