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Functions to Support Extension Education Program Evaluation

Functions and datasets to support "Summary and Analysis of Extension Program Evaluation in R" and "An R Companion for the Handbook of Biological Statistics". Vignettes are available at <http://rcompanion.org>.

Functions in rcompanion

Name Description
AndersonRainGarden Hypothetical data for Alexander Anderson on rain garden installation
Pennsylvania18 Votes for the Democratic candidate in Pennsylvania 18 in 2016 and 2018
Pooh Hypothetical data for paired ratings of Pooh Bear
cateNelson Cate-Nelson models for bivariate data
HayleySmith Hypothetical data for responses about adopting lawn care practices
Catbus Hypothetical data for Catbus and company
accuracy Minimum maximum accuracy, mean absolute percent error, root mean square error, coefficient of variation, and Efron's pseudo r-squared
cldList Compact letter display for lists of comparisons
cliffDelta Cliff's delta
Breakfast Hypothetical data for students' breakfast habits and travel to school
BobBelcher Hypothetical data for ratings of instructors in unreplicated CBD
PoohPiglet Hypothetical data for ratings of Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger
groupwiseCMH Post-hoc tests for Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel test
multiVDA Pairwise Vargha and Delaney's A and Cliff's delta
cohenG Cohen's g and odds ratio for paired contingency tables
Religion Hypothetical data for change in religion after a caucusing event
cohenH Cohen's h to compare proportions for 2 x 2 contingency tables
compareLM Compare fit statistics for lm models
cramerV Cramer's V (phi)
pairwiseMedianMatrix Pairwise Mood's median tests with matrix output
groupwiseGeometric Groupwise geometric means and confidence intervals
Anderson Hypothetical data for Alexander Anderson
cohenW Cohen's w (omega)
compareGLM Compare fit statistics for glm models
AndersonBias Hypothetical data for Alexander Anderson with sex bias
kendallW Kendall's W with bootstrapped confidence interval
groupwiseSum Groupwise sums
pairwiseMedianTest Pairwise Mood's median tests
pairwisePermutationSymmetryMatrix Pairwise two-sample permutation symmetry tests with matrix output
pairwisePermutationSymmetry Pairwise two-sample permutation symmetry tests
nagelkerkeHermite [Defunct!] Pseudo r-squared measures for hermite models
cramerVFit Cramer's V for chi-square goodness-of-fit tests
pairwiseNominalMatrix Pairwise tests of independence for nominal data with matrix output
pairwiseSignTest [Defunct!] Pairwise sign tests
percentileTest Test of percentiles by permutation test
nagelkerke Pseudo r-squared measures for various models
pairwiseOrdinalIndependence Pairwise tests of independence for tables with one ordered nominal variable
nominalSymmetryTest Exact and Monte Carlo symmetry tests for paired contingency tables
pairwiseRobustTest [Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample robust tests
pairwisePermutationTest Pairwise two-sample permutation tests
pairwiseRobustMatrix [Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample robust tests with matrix output
epsilonSquared Epsilon-squared
pairwisePercentileTest Pairwise permutation tests for percentiles
wilcoxonPairedR r effect size for Wilcoxon two-sample paired signed-rank test
pairwiseSignMatrix [Defunct!] Pairwise sign tests with matrix output
wilcoxonR r effect size for Wilcoxon two-sample rank-sum test
scheirerRayHare Scheirer Ray Hare test
rcompanion Functions to Support Extension Education Program Evaluation
BullyHill Hypothetical data for proportion of students passing a certification
Monarchs Hypothetical data for monarch butterflies in gardens
BrendonSmall Hypothetical data for Brendon Small and company
groupwiseMedian Groupwise medians and confidence intervals
groupwisePercentile Groupwise percentiles and confidence intervals
Nurseries Data for proportion of good practices followed by plant nuseries
pairwiseDifferences [Defunct!] Pairwise differences for unreplicated CBD
pairwisePermutationMatrix Pairwise two-sample permutation tests with matrix output
spearmanRho Spearman's rho, Kendall's tau, Pearson's r
plotNormalHistogram Histogram with a normal curve
pairwiseOrdinalPairedTest [Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression for paired data
pairwiseMcnemar Pairwise McNemar and related tests for Cochran Q test post-hoc
pairwiseOrdinalTest [Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression
transformTukey Tukey's Ladder of Powers
fullPTable Convert a lower triangle matrix to a full matrix
groupwiseMean Groupwise means and confidence intervals
freemanTheta Freeman's theta
groupwiseHuber Groupwise Huber M-estimators and confidence intervals
plotPredy Plot a predicted line from a bivariate model
pairwiseModelAnova Compare model objects with F test and likelihood ratio test
pairwiseOrdinalMatrix [Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression with matrix output
pairwiseOrdinalPairedMatrix [Defunct!] Pairwise two-sample ordinal regression for paired data with matrix output
pairwiseNominalIndependence Pairwise tests of independence for nominal data
plotDensityHistogram Histogram with a density curve
vda Vargha and Delaney's A
wilcoxonOneSampleR r effect size for Wilcoxon one-sample signed-rank test
plotNormalDensity Density plot with a normal curve
AndersonRainBarrel Hypothetical data for Alexander Anderson on rain barrel installation
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