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Local Randomization Methods for RD Designs

The regression discontinuity (RD) design is a popular quasi-experimental design for causal inference and policy evaluation. Under the local randomization approach, RD designs can be interpreted as randomized experiments inside a window around the cutoff. This package provides tools to perform randomization inference for RD designs under local randomization: rdrandinf() to perform hypothesis testing using randomization inference, rdwinselect() to select a window around the cutoff in which randomization is likely to hold, rdsensitivity() to assess the sensitivity of the results to different window lengths and null hypotheses and rdrbounds() to construct Rosenbaum bounds for sensitivity to unobserved confounders. See Cattaneo, Titiunik and Vazquez-Bare (2016) <https://sites.google.com/site/rdpackages/rdlocrand/Cattaneo-Titiunik-VazquezBare_2016_Stata.pdf> for further methodological details.

Functions in rdlocrand

Name Description
rdlocrand-package rdlocrand: Local Randomization Methods for RD Designs
rdrbounds Rosenbaum bounds for RD designs under local randomization
rdsensitivity Sensitivity analysis for RD designs under local randomization
rdwinselect Window selection for RD designs under local randomization
rdrandinf Randomization Inference for RD Designs under Local Randomization
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Date/Publication 2020-08-01 17:40:02 UTC

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