Select data from the DWD CDC FTP Server

Select files for downloading with dataDWD. The available folders with datasets are listed at To use an updated index (if necessary), see All arguments (except for mindex, findex and base) can be a vector and will be recycled to the maximum length of all arguments. If that length > 1, the output is a list of filenames (or vector if outvec=TRUE). If station name is given, but id is empty (""), id is inferred via mindex. If res/var/per are given and valid (existing in findex), they are pasted together to form a path. Here is an overview of the behavior in each case of availability:

case | id | path | output
1 | "" | "" | base (and some warnings)
2 | "xx" | "" | All file names (across paths) for station id
3 | "" | "xx" | The zip file names at path
4 | "xx" | "xx" | Regular single data file name

For case 2, you can explicitly set res="",var="",per="" to avoid the default interactive selection. For case 3 and 4 (path given), you can set meta=TRUE. Then selectDWD will return the name of the station description file at path. This is why case 3 with meta=FALSE only returns the data file names (ending in .zip).

selectDWD(name = "", res = NA, var = NA, per = NA,
  exactmatch = TRUE, mindex = metaIndex, quiet = FALSE,
  id = findID(name, exactmatch = exactmatch, mindex = mindex, quiet =
  quiet), base = dwdbase, findex = fileIndex, current = FALSE,
  meta = FALSE, meta_txt_only = TRUE, outvec = any(per %in% c("rh",
  "hr")), ...)

Char: station name(s) passed to findID, along with exactmatch and mindex. All 3 arguments are ignored if id is given. DEFAULT: ""


Char: temporal resolution available at base, usually one of c("hourly","daily","monthly"), see section 'Description' above. res/var/per together form the path. DEFAULT: NA for interactive selection


Char: weather variable of interest, like e.g. "air_temperature", "cloudiness", "precipitation", "soil_temperature", "solar", "kl", "more_precip" See above and in View(rdwd:::fileIndex). DEFAULT: NA for interactive selection


Char: desired time period. One of "recent" (data from the last year, up to date usually within a few days) or "historical" (long time series). Can be abbreviated (if the first letter is "r" or "h", full names are used). To get both datasets, use per="hr" or per="rh" (and outvec=TRUE). per is set to "" if var=="solar". DEFAULT: NA for interactive selection


Logical passed to findID: match name with ==)? Else with grepl. DEFAULT: TRUE


Single object: Index with metadata passed to findID. DEFAULT: rdwd:::metaIndex


Suppress id length warnings?


Char/Number: station ID with or without leading zeros, e.g. "00614" or 614. Is internally converted to an integer, because some DWD meta data files also contain no leading zeros. DEFAULT: findID(name, exaxtmatch, mindex)


Single char: main directory of DWD ftp server. Must be the same base used to create findex. DEFAULT: dwdbase


Single object: Index used to select filename, as returned by createIndex.To use a current / custom index, use myIndex <- createIndex(indexFTP("/daily/solar")) (with desired path, of course). DEFAULT: rdwd:::fileIndex


Single logical for case 3/4 with given path: instead of findex, use a list of the currently available files at base/res/var/per? This will call indexFTP, thus requires availability of the RCurl package. DEFAULT: FALSE


Logical: return metadata txt file name instead of climate data zip file? Relevant only in case 4 (path and id given) and case 3 for res="multi_annual". See metaIndex for a compilation of all metaData files. DEFAULT: FALSE


Logical: if meta, only return .txt files, not the pdf and html files? DEFAULT: TRUE


Single logical: if path or ID length > 1, instead of a list, return a vector? (via unlist). DEFAULT: per %in% c("rh","hr")

Further arguments passed to indexFTP if current=TRUE, except folder and base.


Character string with file path and name(s) in the format "base/res/var/per/"

See Also

dataDWD, metaIndex,

  • selectDWD
# Give weather station name (must be existing in metaIndex):
selectDWD("Potsdam", res="daily", var="kl", per="historical")

# all files for all stations matching "Koeln":
selectDWD("Koeln", res="", var="", per="", exactmatch=FALSE)
findID("Koeln", FALSE)

# }
 # Excluded from CRAN checks to save time

# selectDWD("Potsdam") # interactive selection of res/var/per

# directly give station ID, can also be id="00386" :
selectDWD(id=386, res="daily", var="kl", per="historical")

# period can be abbreviated:
selectDWD(id="00386", res="daily", var="kl", per="h")
selectDWD(id="00386", res="daily", var="kl", per="h", meta=TRUE)

# vectorizable:
selectDWD(id="01050", res="daily", var="kl", per="rh") # list if outvec=F
selectDWD(id="01050", res=c("daily","monthly"), var="kl", per="r")
# vectorization gives not the outer product, but elementwise comparison:
selectDWD(id="01050", res=c("daily","monthly"), var="kl", per="hr")

# all zip files in all paths matching id:
selectDWD(id=c(1050, 386), res="",var="",per="")
# all zip files in a given path (if ID is empty):
head(  selectDWD(id="", res="daily", var="kl", per="recent")   )

# }
# }
Documentation reproduced from package rdwd, version 1.2.0, License: GPL (>= 2)

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