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by Michael Hahsler

Lab for Developing and Testing Recommender Algorithms

Provides a research infrastructure to test and develop recommender algorithms including UBCF, IBCF, FunkSVD and association rule-based algorithms.


recommenderlab - Lab for Developing and Testing Recommender Algorithms - R package

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This R package provides an infrastructure to test and develop recommender algorithms. The package supports rating (e.g., 1-5 stars) and unary (0-1) data sets. Supported algoritms are:

  • User-based collborative filtering (UBCF)
  • Item-based collborative filtering (IBCF)
  • SVD with column-mean imputation (SVD)
  • Funk SVD (SVDF)
  • Association rule-based recommender (AR)
  • Popular items (POPULAR)
  • Randomly chosen items for comparison (RANDOM)
  • Re-recommend liked items (RERECOMMEND)
  • Hybrid recommendations (HybridRecommender)

For evaluation, the framework supports given-n and all-but-x protocols with

  • Train/test split
  • Cross-validation
  • Repeated bootstrap sampling

Evaluation measures are:

  • Rating errors: MSE, RMSE, MAE
  • Top-N recommendations: TPR/FPR (ROC), precision and recall


  • Stable CRAN version: install from within R.
  • Current development version: Download package from AppVeyor or install via intall_git("mhahsler/recommenderlab") (needs devtools)


A Shiny App running recommenderlab can be found at

> library("recommenderlab")
> data("MovieLense")
> ### use only users with more than 100 ratings
> MovieLense100 <- MovieLense[rowCounts(MovieLense) >100,]
> MovieLense100
358 x 1664 rating matrix of class ‘realRatingMatrix’ with 73610 ratings.
> train <- MovieLense100[1:50]
> ### learn user-based collaborative filtering recommender
> rec <- Recommender(train, method = "UBCF")
> rec
Recommender of type ‘UBCF’ for ‘realRatingMatrix’ 
learned using 50 users.
> ### create top-N recommendations for new users (users 101 and 102)
> pre <- predict(rec, MovieLense100[101:102], n = 10)
> pre
Recommendations as ‘topNList’ with n = 10 for 2 users. 
> as(pre, "list")
 [1] "Alien (1979)"              "Titanic (1997)"           
 [3] "Contact (1997)"            "Aliens (1986)"            
 [5] "Amadeus (1984)"            "Godfather, The (1972)"    
 [7] "Henry V (1989)"            "Sting, The (1973)"        
 [9] "Dead Poets Society (1989)" "Schindler's List (1993)"  

 [1] "Usual Suspects, The (1995)" "Amadeus (1984)"            
 [3] "Raising Arizona (1987)"     "Citizen Kane (1941)"       
 [5] "Titanic (1997)"             "Brazil (1985)"             
 [7] "Stand by Me (1986)"         "M*A*S*H (1970)"            
 [9] "Babe (1995)"                "GoodFellas (1990)"

Further Information

Maintainer: Michael Hahsler

Functions in recommenderlab

Name Description
Error Error Calculation
funkSVD Funk SVD for Matrices with Missing Data
dissimilarity Dissimilarity and Similarity Calculation Between Rating Data
evaluationScheme Creator Function for evaluationScheme
evaluationResults-class Class "evaluationResults": Results of the Evaluation of a Single Recommender Method
calcPredictionAccuracy Calculate the Prediction Error for a Recommendation
evaluationResultList-class Class "evaluationResultList": Results of the Evaluation of a Multiple Recommender Methods
evaluate Evaluate a Recommender Models
binaryRatingMatrix Class "binaryRatingMatrix": A Binary Rating Matrix
evaluationScheme-class Class "evaluationScheme": Evaluation Scheme
plot Plot Evaluation Results
normalize Normalize the ratings
getList List and Data.frame Representation for Recommender Matrix Objects
HybridRecommender Create a Hybrid Recommender
internalFunctions Internal Utility Functions
MovieLense MovieLense Dataset (100k)
MSWeb Anonymous web data from
Jester5k Jester dataset (5k sample)
predict Predict Recommendations
ratingMatrix Class "ratingMatrix": Virtual Class for Rating Data
Recommender-class Class "Recommender": A Recommender Model
topNList Class "topNList": Top-N List
Recommender Create a Recommender Model
realRatingMatrix Class "realRatingMatrix": Real-valued Rating Matrix
sparseNAMatrix-class Sparse Matrix Representation With NAs Not Explicitly Stored
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Date 2016-09-15
Classification/ACM G.4, H.2.8
License GPL-2
Copyright (C) Michael Hahsler
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2016-09-16 04:27:24 UTC; hahsler
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-09-17 00:53:02

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