refund (version 0.1-23)

ols_cs: Cross-sectional FoSR using GLS


Fitting function for function-on-scalar regression for cross-sectional data. This function estimates model parameters using GLS: first, an OLS estimate of spline coefficients is estimated; second, the residual covariance is estimated using an FPC decomposition of the OLS residual curves; finally, a GLS estimate of spline coefficients is estimated. Although this is in the `BayesFoSR` package, there is nothing Bayesian about this FoSR.


ols_cs(formula, data = NULL, Kt = 5, basis = "bs", verbose = TRUE)



a formula indicating the structure of the proposed model.


an optional data frame, list or environment containing the variables in the model. If not found in data, the variables are taken from environment(formula), typically the environment from which the function is called.


number of spline basis functions used to estimate coefficient functions


basis type; options are "bs" for b-splines and "pbs" for periodic b-splines


logical defaulting to TRUE -- should updates on progress be printed?


Goldsmith, J., Kitago, T. (2016). Assessing Systematic Effects of Stroke on Motor Control using Hierarchical Function-on-Scalar Regression. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C, 65 215-236.