refund (version 0.1-23)

plot.pfr: Plot a pfr object


This function plots the smooth coefficients of a pfr object. These include functional coefficients as well as any smooths of scalar covariates. The function dispatches to pfr_plot.gam, which is our local copy of plot.gam with some minor changes.


# S3 method for pfr
plot(x, Qtransform = FALSE, ...)



a fitted pfr-object


For additive functional terms, TRUE indicates the coefficient should be plotted on the quantile-transformed scale, whereas FALSE indicates the scale of the original data. Note this is different from the Qtransform arguemnt of af, which specifies the scale on which the term is fit.


arguments handed over to plot.gam


This function's main purpose is its side effect of generating plots. It also silently returns a list of the data used to produce the plots, which can be used to generate customized plots.

See Also

af, pfr