refund (version 0.1-23)

residuals.pffr: Obtain residuals and fitted values for a pffr models


See predict.pffr for alternative options to extract estimated values from a pffr object. "Fitted values" here refers to the estimated additive predictor values, these will not be on the scale of the response for models with link functions.


# S3 method for pffr
residuals(object, reformat = TRUE, ...)

# S3 method for pffr fitted(object, reformat = TRUE, ...)



a fitted pffr-object


logical, defaults to TRUE. Should residuals be returned in n x yindex matrix form (regular grid data) or, respectively, in the shape of the originally supplied ydata argument (sparse/irregular data), or, if FALSE, simply as a long vector as returned by resid.gam()?


other arguments, passed to residuals.gam.


A matrix or ydata-like data.frame or a vector of residuals / fitted values (see reformat-argument)