regexplain v0.2.2

Rstudio Addin to Explain, Test and Build Regular Expressions

A set of RStudio Addins to help interactively test and build regular expressions. Provides a Shiny gadget interface for interactively constructing the regular expression and viewing the results from common string-searching functions. The gadget interface includes a helpful regex syntax reference sheet and a library of common patterns.

Functions in regexplain

Name Description
wrap_regex Wraps capture groups in regex pattern in span tags to colorize with CSS
regexplain_file Regexplain File Addin
textInputCode Modified Text Input
view_regex View grouped regex results
wrap_result Wrap matches in HTML span tags to colorize via CSS
regexplain-package regexplain: Rstudio Addin to Explain, Test and Build Regular Expressions
run_regex Extract matched groups from regexp
textAreaInputAlt Modified Text Area Input
get_regex_library Loads Regex Pattern Library
check_version Check if an updated version is available
regex_gadget RegExplain gadget
generate_help_ui Generates Help Tab UI
regexplain_cheatsheet Regex Cheatsheet Quick Reference
regexplain_addin RegExplain Addin
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