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Data Structures and Algorithms for Relations

Data structures and algorithms for k-ary relations with arbitrary domains, featuring relational algebra, predicate functions, and fitters for consensus relations.

Functions in relations

Name Description
ranking Rankings
reduction Transitive and Reflexive Reduction
trace Traces of Endorelations
transform Transform incidences
dissimilarity Dissimilarity Between Relations
scores Relation Scores
relation Relations
setters Modify Relations
table Relation Table
properties Relation Properties
violations Violations of Relation Properties
predicates Relation Predicates
charfun Relation Characteristic Functions
Felines Felines Data
choice Relation-Based Choices
Cetacea Cetacea Data
SVMBench SVM Benchmarking Data and Consensus Relations
classes Relation Equivalence Classes
algebra Relational Algebra
closure Transitive and Reflexive Closure
components Connected components
incidence Relation Incidences
impute Impute relations
plot Visualize Relations
graph Relation Graph
pclust Prototype-Based Partitions of Relations
cover Covering Relations
ensemble Relation Ensembles
consensus Consensus Relations
domain Relation Domain, Arity, and Size
elements Elements of Relation Domains
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