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by David Hajage

Remix your data

remix provides remix, a quick and easy function for describing datasets. It can be view as a mix of cast (in package reshape) and summary.formula (in package Hmisc).

Functions in remix

Name Description
test.summarize.kruskal test for mean comparison
is.summarize Test if x is a summarize object
test.tabular.fisher test for contingency table
cbind.list Cbind for list
ascii.tabular Ascii for tabular object.
ascii.freq Ascii for freq object.
n.table table with addmargins and test for object. for tabular object. for summarize object.
is.remix Test if x is an remix object
left_right Separate left and right part of a formula for correlation object.
print.summarize Print summarize object. for freq object.
cross Cross x and y
print.survival Print survival object.
freq Compute frequencies
remove_blank Remove blank in a formula
rbind.list Rbind for list
expand_formula Expand ... in a formula
display.test Display a test result
ascii.remix Ascii for remix object. Compute frequencies (data.frame input)
print.tabular Print tabular object.
regroup Regroup factors with factors, and numerical variables with numerical variables
demix Demix
is.correlation Test if x is a correlation object Ascii for object. Compute survival (data.frame input)
test.summarize.oneway.equalvar test for mean comparison for survival object. Compute summary statistics according to a factor (data.frame input)
print.correlation Print correlation object.
p.table prop.table with cell proportion, addmargins and propNA
tabular Compute a contingency table
print.freq Print freq object. Print object.
check_formula Check if a variable is repeated several times in a formula
print.remix Print a remix object
summarize Compute summary statistics
parse_data Parse data
is.survival Test if x is a survival object
is.freq Test if x is an freq object
correlation Compute correlation
funs2fun Concatenate functions Compute summary statistics (data.frame input)
is.tabular Test if x is an tabular object
cross_list Cross variables in a list Test if x is a object
test.survival.logrank test for survival comparison
survival Compute survival
n Return the number of non NA observations
na Return the number of NA observations test for mean comparison test for contingency table Compute correlation (data.frame input)
parse_formula Parse a formula
ascii.correlation Ascii for correlation object.
ascii.summarize Ascii for summarize object. Compute survival according to a factor (data.frame input)
test.summarize.oneway.unequalvar test for mean comparison Compute a contingency table (data.frame input) Compute summary statistics according to a factor
ascii.survival Ascii for survival object.
remix Remix and describe.
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License GPL (>= 2)
Type Package
LazyLoad yes
Date 2010-03-26
Collate 'correlation.r' 'element.r' 'freq.r' 'funs.r' 'na.r' 'parse.r' 'rbind.r' 'remix.r' '' 'summarize.r' 'survival.r' 'table.r' 'tabular.r' 'test.r'
Packaged 2011-10-03 21:04:26 UTC; david
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2011-10-04 07:25:26

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