remoter (version 0.4-0)

exit: exit


This function cleanly shuts down the remoter server the client is currently connected to, as well as shutting down the client. One can also use q() (while the client is running), and this will not close the active R session on the client.


exit(client.only = TRUE, q.server = TRUE)


kill(addr = "localhost", port = 55555)



Logical; if TRUE, then the client disconnects from the server. Otherwise, the server is shut down together with the client.


Logical; if TRUE, then the server calls q("no") after shuting down with the client. This is useful for cases where the server is running in an interactive R session, and you wish to shut the entire thing down.

addr, port

The server address and port, as in server().


Returns TRUE invisibly on successful exit.


Exit the remoter client/server.

The shutdown() function is shorthand for exit(FALSE, TRUE). The kill() function is shorthand for running batch() with script="shutdown()".

See Also

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