Interface to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility API.

rgbif: A programmatic interface to the Web Service methods provided by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.


See many-values for discussion of how functions vary in how they accept values (single vs. many for the same HTTP request vs. many for different HTTP requests)


This package gives you access to data from GBIF https://www.gbif.org/ via their API.

A note about the old GBIF API

The old GBIF API was at http://data.gbif.org/tutorial/services, but is now defunct - that is, not available anymore. We used to have functions that worked with the old API, but those functions are now not available anymore because GBIF made the old API defunct.

Documentation for the GBIF API

  • rgbif-package
  • rgbif
Documentation reproduced from package rgbif, version 3.3.0, License: MIT + file LICENSE

Community examples

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