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Interface Between R and 'GGobi'

A command-line interface to 'GGobi', an interactive and dynamic graphics package. 'Rggobi' complements the graphical user interface of 'GGobi' providing a way to fluidly transition between analysis and exploration, as well as automating common tasks.



Building from source

For a fresh checkout, you'll need to run


ggobi/rggobi on OS X

Currently, the easiest way to get rggobi on OS X is to get Gtk2 from homebrew, then install ggobi from source:

# Install homebrew (if you don't already have it)
brew install gtk+
brew install libxml2

# Set up PKG_CONFIG_PATH so rggobi can find all the pieces

install.packages("rggobi", type = "source")

Functions in rggobi

Name Description
dim.GGobiData GGobiData dimensions
"[.GGobiData" Subsettting
"edges<-" Set edges
ggobi.GGobiDisplay Get display GGobi
ggobi_gtk_menu_bar Gtk menu bar
"glyph_type<-.GGobiData" Set glyph type
glyph_size.GGobiData Get glyph size
ggobi_longitudinal Create longitudinal dataset.
names.GGobi GGobi names
"names<-.GGobiData" Set column names
"excluded<-.GGobiData" Set excluded status
shadowed.GGobiData Get shadowed status
Storm tracks data Storm tracks in the Caribbean
"[.GGobi" Get ggobi data.
ggobi_display_get_tour_projection Get tour projection
excluded Get and set exclusion
ggobi_display_make_type Convert plot name to GGobi plot type
"dimnames<-.GGobiData" Set dim names
edges Get edges
displays View displays
"edges<-.GGobiData" Set edges
ggobi_data_add_variable Add variable
excluded.GGobiData Get excluded status
ggobi_data_remove_variable Remove variable
"edges<-.GGobiDisplay" Set edges
ggobi_display_types GGobiDisplay types
ggobi_find_file Find GGobi file.
ggobi_count Get number of GGobis
ggobi_get Get GGobi
ggobi_set_data_file Set data file.
ggobi_pcp Create parallel coordinates plot.
ggobi_check_structs Check structs
ggobi_gtk_main_window Gtk main window
"edges<-.GGobi" Set edges
glyph_type.GGobiData Get glyph type.
"ids<-.GGobiData" Set row ids
length.GGobiDisplay Length method for GGobiDisplay
glyph_colour.GGobiData Get glyph colour
ggobi_version Get version
ggobi_display_save_picture Save picture of plot (and window) to disk
ggobi_data_set_variable Set variable values
"glyph_size<-.GGobiData" Set glyph size
ggobi_display_set_tour_projection Set tour projection
mapGlyphType Map glyph type.
ggobi_set_data_frame Set data frame.
"glyph_colour<-.GGobiData" Set glyph colour
"[<-.GGobi" [<-.GGobi
selected.GGobiData Get selection status
ids.GGobiData Row ids
print.GGobiData Print GGobiData
.ggobi.symbol GGobi symbol creation
print.GGobiDisplay Print method for GGobiDisplay
names.GGobiData GGobiData column names
ggobi.default New ggobi
variables Get variables
nrow.GGobiData GGobiData rows
variables.GGobiDisplay Get display variables
imode Interaction mode
pmode Projection mode
"[<-.GGobiData" Assignments for ggobi datasets
"shadowed<-.GGobiData" Set shadowed status
summary.GGobi GGobi summary
ncol.GGobiData GGobiData columns
"rownames<-.GGobiData" Set row names
rownames.GGobiData Get row names
print.GGobi Print ggobi
"variables<-.GGobiDisplay" Set display variables
pmodes List available projection/interaction modes
valid_ggobi Validity checking
summary.GGobiData Summarise GGobiData.
"variables<-" Set variables
variable_index Variable index
GGobiData-class GGobiData S4 class
"as.data.frame.GGobiData" Conversion methods
.GGobiCall Calling native routines
"colorscheme<-" Set active colour scheme.
.check_versions check that rggobi and GGobi by major.minor versions are the same
dataset.numeric Get ggobi dataset.
close.GGobiDisplay Close display
close.GGobi Close GGobi instance
clean.ggobi Clean ggobi
colorscheme Get active colour scheme
as.RGtkObject RGtk casting
display Display construction
displays.GGobi Get GGobi displays
dataset Generic method for getting dataset
dimnames.GGobiData Get dimension names
display.GGobiData Create a new display
dataset.GGobiDisplay Get display dataset
connecting_edges Get connecting edges
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SystemRequirements GGobi
License BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE
LazyData true
Acknowledgments Di Cook, Nicholas Lewin-Koh, Xuejing Chen.
URL https://github.com/ggobi/rggobi, http://www.ggobi.org/rggobi
BugReports https://github.com/ggobi/rggobi/issues
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2018-07-06 18:25:44 UTC; hadley
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2018-07-07 16:20:03 UTC

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