tkrgl functions

Functions from the former tkrgl package.


The tkrgl package contained functions to use TCL/TK to control an rgl scene on screen. These functions have now been merged into rgl, with a goal of dropping the tkrgl package.

To avoid conflicts with rgl names and to indicate the TCL/TK nature of these functions, they have all been prefixed with tk:


Formerly tkrgl::par3dsave, allows interactive saving of scene parameters.

tkspin3d, tkspinControl

Formerly tkrgl::spin3d and tkrgl::spinControl, create buttons to spin the scene.


0.2-2 First public release
0.3 Added possibility to control multiple windows
0.4 Compatibility with 2.0.0 tcltk package
0.5 Added continuous rotation
0.6 Added par3dsave
0.7 Added parameters to tkspinControl, fixed startup
0.8 Minor fixes to pass checks
0.9 Merge functions into rgl

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Documentation reproduced from package rgl, version 0.100.50, License: GPL

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