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by Oliver Flasch

R genetic programming framework

RGP is a simple modular Genetic Programming (GP) system build in pure R. In addition to general GP tasks, the system supports Symbolic Regression by GP through the familiar R model formula interface. GP individuals are represented as R expressions, an (optional) type system enables domain-specific function sets containing functions of diverse domain- and range types. A basic set of genetic operators for variation (mutation and crossover) and selection is provided.

Functions in rgp

Name Description
exprShapesOfDepth Upper bounds for expression tree search space sizes
buildingBlock Support for GP buidling blocks
nmse Normalized mean squared error (NMSE)
multiNicheSymbolicRegression Symbolic regression via multi-niche standard genetic programming
toName Functions for handling R symbols / names
arithmeticFunctionSet Default function- and constant factory sets for Genetic Programming
funcToIgraph Visualization of functions and expressions as trees
crossover Random crossover (recombination) of functions and expressions
embedDataFrame Embed columns in a data frame
plotFunctions Show an overlayed plot of multiple functions
customDist A dist function that supports custom metrics
extractAttributes Extract a given attribute of all objects in a list and tag that list with the list of extracted attributes
is.sType Check if an object is an sType
iterate Repeatedly apply a function
makeCommaEvolutionStrategySearchHeuristic Comma Evolution Strategy Search Heuristic for RGP
r_ssse R version of Scaled sum squared error (sSSE)
makeClosure Create a new R closure given a function body expression and an argument list
new.function Create a new function stub
makeFunctionFitnessFunction Create a fitness function from a reference function of one variable
randexprGrow Creates an R expression by random growth
commonSubexpressions Similarity and Distance Measures for R Functions and Expressions
first Functions for Lisp-like list processing
new.alist Create a new function argument list from a list or vector of strings
buildingBlockTag Building block tags
makeNaryFunctionFitnessFunction Create a fitness function from a n-ary reference function
rgp-package The RGP package
exprLabel Return the "label" at the Root Node of an Expression Tree
exprToPlotmathExpr Convert any expression to an expression that is plottable by plotmath
popfitness Calculate the fitness value of each individual in a population
arity Determine the number of arguments of a function
makeStepsStopCondition Evolution stop conditions
predict.symbolicRegressionModel Predict method for symbolic regression models
inputVariablesOfIndividual Functions for analysing GP individuals
orderByParetoCrowdingDistance Rearrange points via Pareto-based rankings
rsquared Coefficient of determination (R^2)
makeArchiveBasedParetoTournamentSearchHeuristic Archive-based Pareto Tournament Search Heuristic for RGP
print.sType Prints a sType and returns it invisible.
makeTournamentSelection GP selection functions
splitList Splitting and grouping of lists
makeRegressionFitnessFunction Create a fitness function for symbolic regression
r_sse R version of Sum squared error (SSE)
orderByParetoMeasure Rearrange points via an arbitrary Pareto-based ranking
breed Breeding of GP individuals
dataDrivenGeneticProgramming Data-driven untyped standard genetic programming
plotPopulationFitnessComplexity Fitness/Complexity plot for populations
makeHierarchicalClusterFunction Clustering Populations for Niching
exprDepth Complexity measures for R functions and expressions
plotFunction3d Plot a 2D function as a 3D surface
MapExpressionNodes Common higher-order functions for transforming R expressions
functionSet Functions for defining the search space for Genetic Programming
makeTinyGpSearchHeuristic Tiny GP Search Heuristic for RGP
randfuncTyped Creates a well-typed R function with a random expression as its body
r_mae R version of Mean absolute error (MAE)
sType Inference of sTypes
summary.geneticProgrammingResult Summary reports of genetic programming run result objects
sortByType Tabulate a list of functions or input variables by their sTypes
mse Mean squared error (MSE)
latinHypercubeDesign Create a latin hypercube design (LHD)
subDataFrame Select a continuous subframe of a data frame
randchild Select random childs or subtrees of an expression
multiNicheGeneticProgramming Cluster-based multi-niche genetic programming
seSymbolic Symbolic squared error (SE)
sortBy Sort a vector or list by the result of applying a function
sse Sum squared error (SSE)
safeDivide Some simple arithmetic and logic functions for use in GP expressions
randexprTypedGrow Creates an R expression by random growth respecting type constraints
subexpressions Functions for decomposing and recombining R expressions
symbolicRegression Symbolic regression via untyped standard genetic programming
randterminalTyped Create a random terminal node
normalize Normalize a vector into the interval [0, 1]
exprChildrenOrEmptyList Return the Children of an Expression or the Empty List if there are None
paretoFrontKneeIndex Find the knee of a two dimensional pareto front
functionVariablePresenceMap Variable Presence Maps
randelt Choose a random element from a list or vector
mutateFunc Random mutation of functions and expressions
randfunc Creates an R function with a random expression as its body
rangeTypeOfType Return the range type if t is a function type, otherwise just return t
rgpBenchmark Utility functions for testing and benchmarking the RGP system
joinElites Join elite lists
makeEmptyRestartCondition Evolution restart conditions
smse Scaled mean squared error (SMSE)
mae Mean absolute error (MAE)
makeSeSymbolicFitnessFunction Create a fitness function based on symbolic squared error (SE)
plotParetoFront Plot a GP Pareto Front
makeAgeFitnessComplexityParetoGpSearchHeuristic Age Fitness Complexity Pareto GP Search Heuristic for RGP
makePopulation Classes for populations of individuals represented as functions
sortByRange Tabulate a list of functions or input variables by the range part of their sTypes
sortByRanking Sort a vector or list via a given ranking
funcToPlotmathExpr Convert a function to an expression plottable by plotmath
integerToLogicals Tools for manipulating boolean functions
geneticProgramming Standard typed and untyped genetic programming
gridDesign Create a regular grid design matrix
st Type constructors for types in the Rsymbolic type system
ssse Scaled sum squared error (sSSE)
do.call.ignore.unused.arguments A variant of do.call that ignores unused arguments
insertionSort Sorting algorithms for vectors and lists
nondeterministicRanking Create a nondeterministic ranking
tabulateFunction Tabulate an n-ary function
seSymbolicFunction Symbolic squared error function (SE)
makeLocalRestartStrategy Evolution restart strategies
arity.primitive Determine the number of arguments of a primitive function
formatSeconds Format time and data values into human-readable character vectors
inversePermutation Calculate the inverse of a permutation
normalizedDesign Create a normalized design matrix
rmse Root mean squared error (RMSE)
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License GPL-2
URL http://rsymbolic.org/projects/show/rgp
LazyData yes
Packaged 2014-08-08 10:05:41 UTC; oflasch
NeedsCompilation yes
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Date/Publication 2014-08-08 14:05:23

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